Microsoft Office 2007 Access Advanced

5( 1 REVIEWS )

Microsoft Office 2007 Access Advanced

5( 1 REVIEWS )

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This Microsoft Office 2007 Access Advanced builds on knowledge gained in the introduction and intermediate levels. This advanced series will extend your knowledge into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of Access by structuring existing data, writing advanced queries, working with macros, enhancing forms and reports, and maintaining a database. You will also learn to automate functions by creating simple and then very advanced macros, advance your querying ability and then to use SQL statements in your queries. You will discover how to work with objects and the fundamentals of database management. Finally, you will be taught how to protect your valuable data sources.

Before getting this course you must have the basic and intermediate skills of Microsoft Office 2007. This level will give you an advanced knowledge you need to know about Microsoft Office 2007. By taking this course you will have a complete understanding of the higher functions of Access.

Who is this Course for?

Microsoft Office 2007 Access Advanced is perfect for anyone trying to learn potential professional skills.

As there is no experience and qualification required for this course, it is available for all students from any academic background.

Entry Requirement:

  • This course is available to all learners, of all academic backgrounds.
  • Learners should be aged 16 or over to undertake the qualification.
  • Good understanding of English language, numeracy and ICT are required to attend this course.


This course does not involve any MCQ exams. Students need to answer 3 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.

Course Curriculum

Querying with SQL
SQL and Access 00:02:00
Examining an SQL Statement in Access 00:02:00
Writing SQL Statements 00:03:00
Writing an SQL SELECT Statement 00:04:00
Using the WHERE Clause 00:02:00
Creating Aliases 00:04:00
Displaying Matching Records from Related Tabs 00:03:00
Finding Unmatched Records 00:03:00
Getting Context-Sensitive Help in SQL 00:01:00
Attaching SQL Queries to Controls 00:02:00
Assigning a SQL-Specific Query to Controls 00:04:00
Advanced Queries
Creating Crosstab Queries 00:01:00
Viewing a Crosstab Query 00:02:00
Using the Crosstab Query Wizard 00:02:00
Creating Parameter Queries 00:01:00
Creating a Query with Multiple Parameters 00:03:00
Creating a Single Criterion Parameter Query 00:03:00
Using a Wildcard in a Parameter Query 00:02:00
Using Action Queries 00:02:00
Adding Records to a Table with an Append Query 00:03:00
Deleting Records with a Delete Query 00:04:00
Modifying Records with an Update Query 00:04:00
Creating a Make Table Query 00:01:00
Running, and Modifying Macros 00:02:00
Creating and Running a Macro 00:02:00
Modifying a Macro 00:02:00
Attaching Macros to the Events of Database Objects 00:01:00
Attaching a Macro to the Open Event Form 00:02:00
Attaching a Macro to a Command 00:00:00
Advanced Macros
Creating Macros to Provide User Interaction 00:02:00
Creating a Data Validation Macro 00:05:00
Creating a Data-Entry Macro 00:06:00
Creating Macros that Require User Input 00:03:00
Creating a Macro that Runs a Para 00:02:00
Creating the AutoKeys and AutoExec Macros 00:01:00
Creating an AutoKeys Macro 00:02:00
Creating an AutoExec Macro 00:01:00
Creating Macros for Data Transfer 00:01:00
Importing a Database Object 00:02:00
Importing, Exporting, and Linking
Importing Objects 00:04:00
Importing Multiple Objects 2 days ago 00:02:00
Importing an Object from Excel 00:04:00
Using a Saved Import Specification 00:02:00
Importing a CSV File 00:03:00
Exporting Objects 00:01:00
Exporting an Object 00:03:00
Using a Saved Export Specification 00:01:00
Interacting with the XML Documents 00:02:00
Exporting and Import 00:04:00
Exporting to an XML 00:04:00
Linking Access Objects 00:02:00
Linking to an Access Table 00:03:00
Updating the Links 00:02:00
Linking to an Excel Workbook 00:02:00
Working with Windows SharePoint Services 00:02:00
Database Management
Optimizing Resources 00:04:00
Converting a Database to a Prior Version 00:01:00
Analyzing Performance 00:03:00
Splitting a Database 00:04:00
Using the Compact and Repair Database Utility 00:01:00
Backing Up a Database 00:01:00
Protecting Databases 00:01:00
Encrypting a Database with a Password 00:01:00
Removing a Password and Encryption 00:01:00
Setting Options and Properties 00:02:00
Internet Integration
Strong Visual Elements 00:09:00
Seeing Like An Architect 00:06:00
Abstract Images 00:06:00
Framing Your Subject 00:07:00
Working with Outlook 2007 00:01:00
Course Certification
Order your Certificate 00:00:00
Microsoft Office 2007 Access Advanced

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