How Reading, Writing, Speaking skills help to get a good job?


In the competitive and challenging world, getting a good job a complicated thing and it is acuter when you cannot survive in the job field because of having lack of communication skills. You may be got a good job with your academic results after completing your study; you may not survive in the job field if you do not have excellent communication skills. Communication is not only confined in listening and speaking but also included reading and writing as well because in the corporate world you have to communicate with your business partner or stakeholder with using mails. For reading and writing are essential to read and write the letter. Here are the skills that you need to improve to get a good job first and then to survive in the job sector.


In the corporate job field, you need to communicate with other parties to express your ideas. To share this idea you need to acquire the speaking skills of some particular language that is widely practiced in the corporate world.


Writing skills is another essential communication skill to get a good job. In the corporate world, you have to maintain a lot of formal and informal writings based on your position like emails, internal letter, memo etc. so it is obviously writing skill is need to survive in the job sector to compete with others.


After writing skill, you need to reading ability to get a good job. Without this reading skill, you cannot read correctly what instruction you are getting from your supervision through the mail or another way? So having a good reading skill can add advantage to get a good job.

If you have these communications as mentioned earlier skills, you may have better chance to get a good job.

September 10, 2019

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