Kundalini Yoga Real-time Live Class

This real-time Kundalini Yoga Training will help you reach your spiritual potentials and rejuvenate your career aspirations.


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1 Month

2 live classes/week

October 9, 2021

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Key Highlights of the Kundalini Yoga Live Course

Learn with Lisa Grail

Kundalini yoga is the study and practice of developing mind, spirit, and consciousness in a real, practical way, rather than an abstract approach.

This real-time Kundalini Yoga Training will help you reach your spiritual potentials and rejuvenate your career aspirations. Intensive 5 weeks workshop to upgrade your mental, physical and spiritual self to the next level for the rest of your life.

Kundalini Yoga Live Class Curriculum

Introduction to the tutor, syllabus overview & introduction to the kits

Kriya cleans the kidneys and adrenal glands, which positively affects the endocrine system generally

Immune and nervous system strengthening, cleansing lymph. Kriya strengthens the immune system, cleanses the lymphatic system and creates a defence of our body against infections.

Endocrine system regulation, healing thyroid gland, cleansing digestive system

Removing energy blocks, activating 1st and 2nd chakras. Energy balance throughout the body

For strong Manipura, energized solar plexus, aura. Kriya puts in order the abdominal area, makes willpower iron, removes irritability and aggression

For the strong nervous system,1,2,3 chakras. For mental disorders (NPD, BPD)

Kriya for psyche balance

Sympathetic & Parasympathetic systems balance

Anti-age, for aura strengthening, high vibrations

Kriya strengthens the aura and electromagnetic field, rejuvenating, anti-age effect (improves blood circulation, lymph flow, anti-cellulite)

Course recap & ultimate suggestions for practicing kundalini yoga

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Start Date:

October 10, 2021

What's Included:

October 9, 2021

Application Deadline

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can enroll for these live classes, as long as you have a passion and desire to learn. 

All of our live classes will be conducted via LIVE Zoom sessions. After enrolling on this live class you will get instant access to 4 premium courses. You can start study instantly after getting access. Each week you will attend 2 live courses on Kundalini Yoga.

*10 live classes by industry expert trainer

*1-on-1 Mentoring Session

*1 Online course with free QLS Endorsed Certificate

*3 Premium CPD courses with free certificate

*Complimentary Yoga Kit 

*Collaborative Students discussion forum 

*Recorded Sessions available

If you have any questions during the live class, you can note your questions. At the end of the class, you can ask your questions to the tutor. Also, if you have any questions while you are studying the online materials, you can send an email with your questions and the tutor will get back to you.

To attend this live online course, there are not many requirements. All you is need a smart device with a good internet connection. You should have the “Zoom” app installed on your device.

Each live class will be recorded, and you will get access to them in case if you have missed a class or want to recap.

The total duration of this class is one month. However, you will get access to the courses and recording sessions for one year.

For premium online CPD courses, you will get the certificates after successfully completing the course. Also, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme.

At the end of the live sessions, you will receive a course completion certificate.

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