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October 19, 2021

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Key Highlights

120 Hours TEFL Certification

Course Curriculum

  • What is Human Language? 
  • How We Learn Language 
  • How We Teach Language 
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) 
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  • TEFL and TESOL: What’s the difference? 
  • Understanding Cultural Backgrounds 
  • Getting Started in TEFL 


Teaching Pronunciation
Word Stress
Sentence Stress
Weak Forms
The Sounds
10 Secret Activities to Teach Pronunciation

Subjects, Verbs and Objects 

Recognising Regular and Irregular Verbs 

Shortening Verbs with Contractions 

Proposing Prepositions 

Introducing Articles 

Using the Indefinite A/An 

Getting Specific with ‘The‘

Foregoing the Article Altogether 

Describing Adjectives and Adverbs 

Sprucing up a Noun with an Adjective 

Running through the Types of Adjectives 

Using Adjectives in Order 

Expanding on Verbs with Adverbs 

The Rules of Using Adverbs Connecting with Conjunctions 

Differentiating Conjunctions Weaving Conjunctions into Writing and Speaking 

Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching Models that have Influenced Current Teaching Practice 

Grammar Translation Method (GTM) 

Direct Method Audio Lingual Method (ALM) 

Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) 

Effectivity/Comparative Analysis among GTM, ALM & CLT in TEFL 

Total Physical Response (TPR) and the Natural Approach Presentation, 

Practice and Production (PPP) 

Task-Based Learning 

Competency-Based Learning 

The Silent Way 

Community Language Learning (CLL) 


Introduction to Reading Skills

Factors That Influence Reading in a Foreign or Second Language 

Cognitive Development and Style Orientation 

Forming Associations Metacognitive Knowledge 

Developing Reading Skills & Second Language Proficiency 

Degree of Difference between the First Language and the Second Language or Foreign Language 

Cultural Orientation 

Auditory and Visual Discrimination Decoding 

Designing the Reading Course 


Introduction to Listening Skills

Historical Perspective 

What Makes a Good Listening Text? 

Structuring Your Lessons 

Authentic Vs Non-Authentic Listening Materials 

Listening Sources 

Macro and Micro Listening Skills 

Listening Sub-skills 

Stages in Teaching Listening Skills

Introduction to Writing Skills
Sentence Structure
Second Language Writing
Writing Competence, Process & Writing Tasks
Informative and Explanatory Writing
Persuasive Writing
Enhancing Second Language Wilting Performance
Pedagogical Principles of the Socio-cognitive Approach to Academic Writing


Introduction to Speaking English
Reasons for Teaching Speaking
What Is “Teaching Speaking”?
The Roles of Students in Learning Speaking
Speaking Strategies and Teaching Techniques
Characterisation of a Good Language Learner
Techniques for Teaching Speaking


Deciding What to Teach? 

Keeping Things Relevant 

Setting Lesson Aims & Objectives 

Stage Aims 

Four Commandments & Lesson Structure Presentation, Practice, and Production 

What are Classroom Materials? 

Important Uses of Materials 

Listing Popular Course Books and Published Resources 

Adapting Your Course Book 

Making Use of Authentic Materials 

Designing Your Own Materials 

Using What’s at Hand 

Tips for Using Materials in the Classroom

Games for Language Learning 

Some Effective and Fun Games 

Role play 

Usage of Songs 

Using the News 

Technologies for Teaching and Learning L2 Grammar 

Technologies for Teaching and Learning L2 Vocabulary 

CALL Tools for Reading and Writing 

CALL Tools for Listening and Speaking 

Distance Language Teaching with Technology 


The Continuing Evolution of Virtual Worlds for Language Learning

Digital Gaming in L2 Teaching and Learning

Mobile Learning Revolution: Implications for Language Pedagogy 

Language Materials Development in a Digital Age

Language Learning and Technology in Varied Technology Contexts 

Social Networking & Language Learner Corpora and Pedagogical Applications

Running Your Classes Effectively 

Organising Your Classroom 

Establishing Classroom Rules 

Keeping Order 

Students Keep Using Their Language 

What If Students Don’t Want to Talk 

Students Bored or Unmotivated 

Strong Student Dominance 

Time Management 


Teacher Language 

The Importance of Motivation 

Several Types of Motivation 

Success and Its Rewards 

Failure and Its Penalties 

Authoritative Demands 



Hints and Tips on How to Build Interest

Handling Exam Classes 


Teaching English to Young Learners 

Teaching English to Adults 

Cooperative Teaching and Learning 

Teaching Business English 


TEFL Marketplace 

Getting out There 

Thinking about a Stint or a Life in TEFL 

Teaching the Teacher 

Curious about Salary? 

Finding Work 


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Start Date:

Sept 06, 2021

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Anyone can enroll for these live classes, as long as you have a passion and desire to learn. 

All of our live classes will be conducted via LIVE Zoom sessions. After enrolling on this live class you will get instant access to 4 premium courses. You can start study instantly after getting access. 

*12 live classes by industry expert trainer

*1-on-1 Mentoring Session

*1 Online course with free QLS Endorsed Certificate

*3 Premium CPD courses with free certificate

*Collaborative students’ discussion forum 

*Recorded Sessions available

If you have any questions during the live class, you can note your questions. At the end of the class, you can ask your questions to the tutor. Also, if you have any questions while you are studying the online materials, you can send an email with your questions and the tutor will get back to you.

To attend this live online course, there are not many requirements. All you is need a smart device with a good internet connection. You should have the “Zoom” app installed on your device.

Each live class will be recorded, and you will get access to them in case if you have missed a class or want to recap.

The total duration of this class is one month. However, you will get access to the courses and recording sessions for one year.

For premium online CPD courses, you will get the certificates after successfully completing the course. Also, you will receive a Quality Licence Scheme endorsed certificate.

At the end of the live sessions, you will receive a course completion certificate.

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