How to Become a Chef at Home

Are you thinking about how to become a chef at home?


I think You are just wondering what chef qualifications and skills or requirements for becoming a chef. You know it’s all about your passion and your practice to become a chef at home. I will show you the steps and essentials you need to know. So let’s see what I’ve got for you. 


In this era, this industry is so much popular and most rapid-growing profession throughout the world. I can surely tell you that, on your social media page, every day, you may get a post regarding cooking. Isn’t it? This profession is trendy, and this is quite achievable as it requires no specialised educational background. Anyone can be a part of this fantastic profession, even at home. 


You may know that cooking is a creative and dynamic profession, so becoming a master chef is a career-long process. In this industry, there is always another level of perfection to achieve and the new challenges every day. Let’s move forward. 

What are the key responsibilities of a chef?​

Food job


Okay fine, but what are the responsibilities of a chef, what are the duties he/she has to meet in a day? If you are thinking of your career as a chef, know that it is not only cooking but also a total package of various skills. So, you have to know your tasks accurately. The responsibilities are :

  • Set up the kitchen with cooking tools and accessories, like knives, pans and kitchen scales
  • Study each recipe and collect all required ingredients
  • Cook food on time
  • Notify wait staff about daily specials
  • Ensure a nice plate presentation
  • Oversee Cooks and assist as needed
  • Slightly modify recipes to meet customers' needs
  • Monitor food stock and orders
  • Verify freshness of food and drop out-of-date items
  • Experiment with recipes and suggest something new
  • Ensure all health and safety controls within the kitchen area
  • listen to instructions and work as part of a team.
  • work in different sections of the kitchen
  • In developing menus assist sous or head chef
  • recruit, motivate and manage the team

Chef qualifications and skills​

Any kind of profession requires some skills & qualities from you, whatever it is. So as in the food industry, you need some real skills/qualities, So let’s take a look at it:

  • Ability to work fast in a stressful work environment
  • Creativity and variation in work
  • Ability to create new/ interesting menus
  • Food presentation skills
  • Ability to survive long working hours
  • Able to remember recipes
  • Team performer
  • Ability to assign responsibilities
  • A good sense of taste and smell
  • Innovative and experimental skills
  • Knowledge of food hygiene
  • self-motivation
  • flexibility, commitment
  • willingness to learn
  • and obviously, love for food

As I said earlier, whatever you do, wherever you go, you need some qualities and skills. Don’t take it otherwise just be your self and be passionate about your dream and work on it.

How to Become a Chef at Home

How to Become a Chef at Home

It’s all up to you what you can do for your dream, it’s about dedication and effort. Down below, I break down some points that can help you out to become a chef at home;

  • Be passionate about cooking
    I mean its everything! You have to be excited about food; then I can assure your success. Just be it.
  • Experiment regularly
    In this industry experiment is a part of cooking. So, try something new daily even if it doesn't taste nice. 
  • Understand the concept of food replacement
    In cooking, you have the real power to follow your taste and implement, before that you have to understand the idea of food substitution.
  • Cook as often as possible
    To become a real cook at home, you have to cook as much as you can maybe daily. Pick any recipe and just go for cooking; however, it tastes good or bad. Eventually, you will be a skilled chef.
  • Listen to the criticisms
    To become a real chef at home; you have to listen to other's opinion and criticism. You must be ready to listen to criticisms and make necessary adjustments.
  • Develop recipes as your own
    Okay, cooking is an art, you should come up with improvised recipes or your own recipes.
  • Find the right kitchen
    You need to find out a kitchen that you can become employed to work in easily. Experience in the best learning and working in a restaurant is the best way for you to become a good chef.
  • You must be Energetic
    You have to be dynamic to become a chef unconventionally. The hours you need to work can be often long. A typical shift could be 10-17 hours
  • Be ethical about work
    Customers will consume and critic your food, but you should strive for perfection.
  • Find a mentor
    You need someone superior to supervise you. The benefits of having a mentor may seem obvious for your betterment.
  • Advertise your business
    Advertising is everything in business. However it sounds like, you should start advertising your business if you want to go so far.
  • Send out your CVs
    Whenever you have enough experience, you should send out your CVs for professional chef' jobs.
  • Get certified
    Don’t forget about further training and certification, to rule this industry you must have some relevant background.

Chef Educational Qualifications​

Here is some way to go further, to make your career advanced you need some educational qualification. Here are some of the important chef qualifications you require:


  1. High School Diploma-: This is the first basic requirement as it would prepare you for higher education.

  2. Community College-: When you are done with high school, you can now register for a degree program at a community college. 

  3. Culinary degree-: Culinary schools offer varying lengths of programs that prepare you to become a chef. 

  4. Apprenticeship program-: This prepares you for the real-life experiences of becoming a chef.

  5. Baking/Pastry School-: This is for people who want to become pastry chefs. 

  6. Trade Certification-: You can also go for it. Different organisations issue trade certifications.

  7. Chef training-: There are a lot of regular short courses for the professional chef.

  8. University degree-: If you have enough funds, you can consider going to university.

  9. Personal training-: If you are passionate about it, then it’s okay to say that you can learn yourself at home or anywhere. You can be a role model too. 

Career prospects in the UK​

There are lots of cuisines in any region these days. Depending on the location of the vacancies and what your aims are, you may have to be ready to travel to access the opportunity.

There is various kind of job available for the professional chef including:
  • Chef manager
  • General manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Product development
  • Beverage director
  • Head of catering
  • Catering manager
  • Contract catering
  • Cruise ships
  • Educational settings (schools, colleges, universities)
  • Food writer
  • Restaurant owner

There are a wide variety of opportunities for a chef nowadays, so go for your one.

What about the chef's Salary?

Okay, you can simply understand that salaries differ significantly depending on the workplace. The setting and region of your workplace make the difference.

  • Average starting salaries for chefs are between £12,000 and £16,000 depending on criteria.
  • Experienced chefs earn between £20,000 and £30,000.
  • Head chefs can demand higher salaries of £25,000 to £55,000 and more depending on negotiation.

So in conclusion, I can tell you that it is quite possible to become a professional chef at home, going for the further study in culinary arts can be costly, but know that there are many talented chefs across the world those who didn’t take any institutional certification on cooking. But in this modern world, it is good to have certification from a recognised institution. I suggest you explore more about being a chef and take an online course to assist you more. 


You got everything you need to become a chef at home, now move forward to make your dream real today.

September 9, 2020

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