Develop your skills with a photography course

Photography is not just about pictures. It is the art of recording memorable moments forever and can be a hobby, a career or an art form. A photography course can contribute significantly to the development of essential aesthetic skills.

Our Photography course consists of eight lessons spread over four weeks and is designed to help you achieve mastery in this fascinating discipline. Good photography is about more than just buying the latest camera. It depends on a range of abilities and technical knowledge, and in this course, you will learn everything you need to become a better photographer.

Understanding camera equipment

In the first two lessons you will learn the fundamentals of camera equipment. These lessons are important building blocks for your photography knowledge and will teach you how the process of taking photographs works, how lenses operate, and what camera models are available to you. You will also be taught how to choose the right lens for each photo shoot.

Composition and light

Lessons three and four cover motion, depth and composition. In these sessions, you will learn the skills you need to bring drama and elegance to your image, and will begin to learn the importance of arranging your shot to produce the most impressive image, focusing on all of the elements that make up composition including distance and angles. Using light effectively is a vital part of photography, and this subject is dealt with thoroughly in lesson five, in which you will discover how to use a light meter, while lesson six introduces manual mode, which offers the photographer the maximum in creative expression.

Editing and emotion

The final two lessons of the course build on what you have learned to polish your professional photography skills. In lesson seven, you will learn more about the emotional impact of colour and how focusing is the key to the perfect photograph, and lesson eight teaches you all about file formats, editing software, and the composition of digital images. Our Photography training is one of the most popular photography courses we offer at Coursegate and will help you to learn the photography skills you need to enhance and develop your career.
September 9, 2020

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