Difference Between a Motorcycle Mechanic and Motorcycle Technician

Planning to become a motorcycle mechanic or motorcycle technician? You need to understand the difference between them first. Because becoming a motorcycle mechanic and motorcycle technician is not the same!

Although many people think both are the same, and they use the terms ‘mechanic’ and ‘technician’ interchangeably there are small differences. And depending on the role you may need to perform different duties and responsibilities as well. In modern garages the difference is decreasing aside from some specific technical knowledge.


Follow this article to know-

What is the Basic Difference Between a Motorcycle Mechanic and Motorcycle Technician?

Motorcycle mechanics service and repair small engines in motorcycles and other kinds of similar vehicles. Their duties may include performing routine maintenance, replacing or repairing defective parts, assembling new bikes for sale and reassembling engine components.

Motorcycle mechanics mostly do their work manually, and they have a more hands-on approach to repair and maintenance. However, in modern days mechanics also use high-tech tools to diagnose bike problems and perform maintenance.

On the other hand, a motorcycle technician uses computers and other specialized tools and technologies to diagnose problems with a bike and keep the performance to optimum level. A motorcycle technician diagnoses faults, repairs, replaces small parts and maintains routine performance checking with high-tech machineries and computer systems.

Become a Motorcycle Mechanic

If you like motorcycles and ever considered working as a motorcycle mechanic you need to know what responsibilities you will perform, how you can get the mechanical skills, and where to start. Motorcycle mechanics work in auto garages, dealerships and repair shops. Becoming a motorcycle mechanic requires specific types of training.

What does a Motorcycle Mechanic Do?

Motorcycle mechanics work in an auto garage but the main difference between a car mechanic and a motorcycle mechanic is that each of them deal with distinct types of vehicles. Motorcycle engines and car engines may work on the same principles but the problem and solutions will differ a lot.  

A motorcycle mechanic repairs and assembles motorcycles but in addition he will be responsible for general maintenance and repair for scooters, mopeds, snowmobiles and jet skis. You will be in charge of troubleshooting issues, parts replacement like shocks, bearing, tire mounting and balancing, transmission works and brake jobs.

You will also perform oil changes on a regular basis and other tasks the customer demands. Besides mechanical skills a motorcycle mechanic also needs to communicate with the customers properly because the customer may not be familiar with the parts and problems with his bike and you will acknowledge them about it.

motorbike Mechanic

Knowledge and Skills required to be a Motorcycle Mechanic

First you need an interest in motorcycles and similar vehicles to start an amazing career as a motorcycle mechanic. Prior knowledge on motor parts and maintenance will help you to grow skills fast. Following knowledge and skills are required to start your career as a motorcycle mechanic:

Salary, Working Hours and Career Growth of a Motorcycle Mechanic

Average salary of a motorcycle mechanic starts with £13,000 and it can be up to £25,000 for qualified and experienced mechanics. If you work at a garage or in a workshop the working environment may be noisy and dirty. Motorcycle mechanics also work in motorcycle manufacturing and assembling factories.

It is a prosperous career and you could become a motorcycle diagnostic technician, workshop manager, trainer or a motorcycle MOT examiner. You could also start your own sales and repair business or specialise in customized bike building.

Usually a motorcycle mechanic works from 8 am to 6 pm and 38-40 hours per week. You could work at the weekend if your employer needs and allows you to.

How to Become a Motorcycle Mechanic

To become a motorcycle mechanic in the UK you need a level 2 and level 3 diploma degree in motorcycle maintenance and repair or you have to complete a full apprenticeship. You could take a college degree or an online certificate course on an authorized platform.

You can get into this job through-

College Degree

You could get a college degree or offline diploma degree in which you learn the basic skills and knowledge needed in the job. As more education means higher chances to get hired in a good job, a college degree is preferable although it takes minimum two years to complete.


Entry requirements:

To get into a college you will usually need-


It is also possible to start a career after completing an intermediate or advanced apprenticeship as a motorcycle mechanic. You will work under an experienced motorcycle mechanic until you complete the apprenticeship and become a licenced mechanic. You can then work independently in a workshop,  auto garage or start your own repair business.


Entry requirements:

To get yourself onto an apprenticeship you will need-

More information: guide to apprenticeships

Volunteering and Experience

Besides a college degree and apprenticeship you could also contact local garages and workshops for experience. It is also useful to work at road racing and motorcycle events because you would gather experience from it which would help to get a licence.

Online Courses

There are many authorized and accredited online platforms now who provide CPD accredited diploma courses. Many people are taking online courses because of flexibility and convenience. It is possible to complete a diploma degree and within weeks. After a short course you may need to have some hands-on experience or sit for an exam to get a licence and work independently.

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Repair Training

As we discussed earlier, a training program is mandatory to start a career as a motorcycle mechanic. It’s not enough to know which parts would fit for a repair. Good news is there are plenty of options for a motorcycle mechanic training and bad news is it’s difficult sometimes to choose the right institution and the course.


Before pursuing a training program especially if it’s online you should consider the following facts for real:

At the end of the training you usually get a certificate and within 6 months of the completion of training you are supposed to get a job. Some institutions may provide financial aid and that should be considered if you don’t have enough money for the training.


Some trusted online training platforms:

Become a Motorcycle Technician

A motorcycle technician requires technical knowledge as well as the ability to inspect motorcycle problems and repair parts. The duties of a motorcycle technician and a motorcycle mechanic are almost the same but a technician might need some analytical ability and experience with high-end technology.

As technology is developing every day and now see modern bikes and computer integration, demand for a motorcycle technician is high around the world. In this part you will know what specific technical knowledge is needed to become a motorcycle technician aside from the regular mechanical skills.

What does a Motorcycle Technician Do?

Many people think that a motorcycle mechanic and a motorcycle technician do the same tasks and in a way they are right! They might do the same tasks but the way of doing it is different, and they become specialized in separate parts of their job.

Motorcycle Mechanics

Motorcycle technicians inspect, service, repair and maintain motorized power equipment and engines with the help of high-end technology. Technicians often specialize in one type of equipment, such as motorcycles, motorboats or outdoor power equipment. 


Their duties and responsibilities of a motorcycle technician include-

Small engine technicians work on power equipment ranging from snowmobiles and motorbikes to chainsaws. When equipment breaks down, technicians use their knowledge and strategies to diagnose the fault and extent of the problem. And then they repair or replace the parts to solve the problem. Motorcycle technicians usually work with mechanical, electrical and fuel system problems and make necessary repairs.

Knowledge and Skills required to become a Motorcycle Technician

To become a motorbike technician you need to develop these skills-

Salary, Working Hours and Career Growth of a Motorcycle Technician

The actual salary of a motorcycle technician depend on-

At present an apprentice usually gets £1.15 per hour and it requires 2-3 years to complete the apprenticeship. A qualified independent motorcycle technician earns around £14,500 per year and rises with experience up to £28,000.

Working environment may be rough and dirty. You will work in garages, workshops or depots where it can be cold at winter and hot at summer. Besides, motorcycle technicians may need to go out in all weather to respond to breakdowns.

Usual working hour is 8 am to 6 pm and you will work 38-40 hours per week. Currently this profession has high demand in the UK. So, if you get skills and knowledge there are lots of opportunities to do what you love as well as earn a handsome living.

How to Become a Motorcycle Technician

You don’t need lots of formal degrees to become a motorcycle technician. A college degree or online vocational training will be enough to get into it. You may also enter through a modern apprenticeship in vehicle maintenance and repair but you need to be good in English, math and technological subjects.

Learning for mechanic

College Degree

There are many colleges who provide vocational training on motorcycle technician. A college course will teach you the basic knowledge and skills required to enter the job. For an example, you could take Level 3 Diploma in Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair Competence.

Entry requirements:

To get into a Level 3 vocational training you will need-


Apprenticeship is the only way where you can learn and earn at the same time. An apprentice in the UK earns around £4.15 per hour. So if you want to get practical experience and learn everything first-hand contact local garages or workshops to manage an apprenticeship.

Entry requirements:

Following qualification would help you to get an apprenticeship-

Online Vocational Courses

Online short diploma courses are another option to get necessary skills for this job. You could choose a good online platform and get certified within a shorter period than a college degree or apprenticeship. Online courses are more flexible than traditional courses as well.

Closing note

Although there are some differences between a motorcycle technician and a motorcycle mechanic in terms of duties and training process, it takes the same time to start the job. Salaries and working environments are almost the same too. So, whether you want to become a motorcycle technician or a motorcycle mechanic it’s just about getting the qualifications, applying for a licence and starting your job.

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July 8, 2021

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