6 Great Tips That’ll Help You Ensure the Success of Your Virtual Event

In 2022, hosting virtual events has become the new normal, thanks to the pandemic and remote work. From workshops to job interviews, to conventions, there are plenty of events that you can host online. Virtual events provide an easy way to connect with your target audience and get your message across, without being in the same room together. Virtual events are the future, and there’s no time like the present to learn more about them!

Although there are plenty of benefits to hosting online events, that doesn’t mean that they don’t come with their own set of challenges. There are a host of things you need to plan, control, and organize before you consider hosting an online event. If you’re looking to host a virtual event in the future, and want it to go off without a hitch, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about virtual events and how to host them. Make the most of your next online convention, workshop, or meeting with these 6 tips!

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1.  Plan and Prepare Well

The best way to make sure your virtual event is a success is to start with a solid plan and to set clear goals. Whether you’re planning to host a job interview or a large board meeting, you need to start with a plan for your event. Here are the main points any virtual event planner needs to sort out to make their event a success.

Goals and outlines

To make sure you hit all the goals you set out to do with your event, you need to identify them first. Ask yourself what do you want to discuss and touch on, as well as what you want to achieve. Outline what goals you want to accomplish and how you can go about them. Once you’ve got a fixed idea of who and what, start setting up the schedule and timetable of the event.

Schedules and time frame

Once you’ve got your goals and schedule sorted out, it’s time to plan the time frame of the event. Start contacting your speakers and others you want on the project to plan out everyone’s availability. Find the best time for everyone and start planning a working schedule for the event. Try to keep things short and to the point and don’t let things drag on in the schedule.

Platform and logistics

After you’ve sorted your schedule and date, it’s time to work on the logistics. You need to find the right materials for your online event as well as the right hosting platform. Finding a good streaming platform or site for your website is essential to having a successful online event. Sorting out the logistics ahead of time saves you time and money and makes sure your online event goes off without a hitch.

2.  AV Check and Test

Before starting off your online, virtual event, you need to make sure everything is working and running smoothly. Many things can go wrong when it comes to hosting an online event. Whether it’s a board meeting, a job interview, or an online convention, as the host, you need to do an AV check beforehand.

First things first, make sure the internet connection is secure and stable. Make sure to check if your video and microphone are on and working and do a quick check on the lighting and background. Make sure there are no snags on your end and have tech support on hand to deal with any mishaps as they come up. Don’t leave this for an hour before the meeting or event, and you’re good to go!

3.  Keep Things Interesting and Engaging

When it comes to hosting a successful event, it’s all about making sure your audience stays engaged with you. Keeping your audience interested and engaged can be done in many ways. Here are some of the best and easiest ways to keep your audience focused on you while listening in from home.

Animated speakers and presenters

Keep your online event dynamic with a clear agenda with changing speakers and presenters. If you’re not sure what speakers would be most popular with the crowd, do some research! Create a selection of professionals in the industry and crowd favorites to keep everyone engaged and involved in the talks. Remember to give your attendees and presenters a break when they need it to keep energy up.

Break things up

Keep things interesting by involving and encouraging audience participation through questions and quizzes. Depending on the type of event, you can really get creative with how you run things. Create smaller chat rooms for participants to get to know each other better. Create games and challenges for your audience to participate in to keep things fun.

Love what you do

Most importantly, remember to have fun with your online event. Positivity and enthusiasm are infectious, and if you believe in what you’re doing, then your audience will too! Keep things fun, light, professional, and educational. Whatever the event, make an effort to make things interesting and engaging, and your audience will thank you for it!

4.  Provide Easy Access Content

Aside from organizing speakers and presenters, there are other ways to engage your audience. It’s easy to get lost in and disconnect with a virtual event if everything’s the same kind of media. If your attendees are subjected to too many presentations and talks, they might lose interest and have a poor connection to the topic at hand.

Try providing PDF texts, E-books, or even audio content to your audience to accompany your presentations. As with most digital content, try to get down the most important key points into easy, bite-sized chunks. Curate the best of the event and speakers so that your audience can have a positive takeaway. This will keep them engaged and encourage them to really connect with the message and mission. Be inclusive by providing multiple forms of the same content as well as translated versions.

5.  Promote Your Event

To make sure your next virtual event goes off without a hitch, you will have to do more than make sure it’s high quality. Marking and promoting your online event is crucial to making your event a success. Unless you bring in the right crowd and target audience, you’re going to suffer from mediocre reviews and experiences. This is especially true in the online convention, workshop, and seminar industries.

Well ahead of the online event, you need to get the word out to the target demographic. Do some market research into how to promote your event to the people who need it the most. Use social media, ads, and email marketing to get your message and mission out there. Create a well-designed website to promote and inform visitors about the event. Good marketing is the key to success when it comes to hosting online events.

6.  Get Feedback

Last, but not least, the best way to make sure your next virtual event is a smash hit, is to get feedback on your last one. Feedback is a powerful tool that anyone can use to do better in the future. It helps you get to the route of any problem and helps you provide better for your event audience in the future. Talk to your attendees and get their opinions on the virtual event, to see where you went right and wrong. Ask your attendees what they liked and what they didn’t and how you can improve your next online event.

To make things easier, construct a questionnaire that people can fill out after the event. Create a dedicated app for your attendees to directly interact with you and rate their experience. Make it fun and offer small prizes in exchange for a completed questionnaire. Include only necessary and relevant questions and remember to make them easy to read and understand. Make the most of your feedback, by heading what your attendees say, and make your next event an even bigger success!

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Ensure the Success of Your Virtual Event

So there you have it! Planning a successful virtual event is no easy feat, but with these 6 tips under your belt, you’re ready to go! First things first, to plan a successful event from the ground up, you need to start with a solid plan. Set clear goals for your virtual event, sort out the schedule and logistics, and you’re good to go. Make sure to test and check everything before the day of, to avoid any technical difficulties. Try to keep things interesting for your attendees by bringing in interesting speakers and presenters. Switch things up and get creative with quizzes and audience participation.

Aside from providing high-quality talks and presentations, make sure to break things up with added content. Take care to include only the best and most important parts of your event in the added content, to give your audience a good takeaway. Remember to make your added content easy to understand and accessible. Take care to market your virtual event to the right audience to make the most of it. Take advantage of social media, ads, and websites, to do this. Last but not least, remember to get feedback on your event to make improvements in the future. Keep all of this in mind and your next virtual event is sure to go off without a hitch!

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March 21, 2022

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