Top 9 In-Demand Languages To Learn In The Professional World

Learning new languages may not be everyone’s forte, but it’d give them a professional advantage over other applicants. With approximately 6500 languages spoken worldwide, it may be challenging to decide which language to learn. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a new language that may open some doors in the business world.

Top 9 In-Demand Languages To Learn In The Professional World

Some jobs would require employees to speak in a different language for better communication. These jobs could include customer service and sales. To help you leap, here are the top in-demand languages to learn in the professional world:

1. English

Most people in the world understand and speak English, and it’s sometimes referred to as the universal language. Another reason for the name could be because English borrows many words from other languages to make it more interesting.

With the increase in use worldwide, English is the top language anyone can master. Most employers require an applicant to speak, read, and write English. It’s not the most difficult language to learn and would thus be more manageable for most people to become proficient in speaking.

Studying abroad wouldn’t be possible either as most of the course material for international institutions is written in English. Depending on the goal in mind, English could be the first choice of language to become an expert in.

2. Korean

Multiple new television productions have recently flooded onto screens worldwide, where popular K-Pop music has many teenagers swaying to the beat. Korean being part of Asian languages, this language uses a different alphabet that’s more simplified. The strange-looking symbols that Westerners think of as pictures look different from their everyday written language.

With this up-and-coming country investing more and more in business, entertainment, and other industries, it should be one of the top languages to learn. For more information on the language and how to speak it, visit this site.

3. Mandarin Chinese

Next to English, Mandarin Chinese comes in at a close second on most spoken languages. The sheer number of Chinese citizens could indicate why this language could be necessary for business purposes.

China is a major manufacturing country and export most of its goods daily. For business deals to be discussed and confirmed, both parties must be fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Chinese natives are very proud and respectful of their history and language. Communicating with them in their mother tongue may earn you their respect.

4. Hindi

In India, Hindi is spoken amongst most of the citizens. With their booming economy, it’d be beneficial for professionals to understand and communicate in Hindi.

Bollywood is a huge film industry that originated in India. Most of the productions are done in Hindi, and understanding the language could help viewers find more meaning in the films. The industry is still growing, and many positions may be available for a Hindi-speaking applicant.

Even though it may not sound easy, Hindi is a phonetic language, meaning that written and spoken language is the same, unlike English, where some sounds may change when the spelling changes.

5. Spanish

People of Spanish descent would most likely tell long tales of command and conquer. The ancestry of the country date back to early times, and the spread of the language came about when travellers went on their quests.

Spanish is a language with a rich history and culture. Many painters, poets, musicians, and other artists are Spanish-speaking. Along with culture, science and literature also contribute to the Spanish-speaking community.

There are many dialects of Spanish, and it’d be wise to find out which one would be beneficial for the field you’re looking to move into as a career. Many words stemming from English would make it easier to learn and grasp.

6. French

As is known worldwide, the language of love may be challenging to grasp for some. As one of the world’s most spoken languages, especially around Europe, it may be beneficial to become an expert in the language.

French is an ancient language that dates back centuries. It’s easy to see why this language would become the norm for diplomatic discussions and business dealings. France is a rich historical country with the most significant economic stature and are close allies of the United States of America, making them rather dynamic.

There are currently many platforms offering anyone the opportunity to learn French. Find the one that’d suit your needs and learn more about this beautiful language.

7. Arabic

Arabic is growing in popularity among students looking to learn a new language. It’d be a wise choice with many applications for governmental positions, military, engineering, medical, and other business applications.

Modern Standard Arabic is the formal version of Arabic that most would choose to speak, but there are many dialects to choose from when the standard one doesn’t attract your attention. Around 20 countries have Arabic as their official language, providing options for various places to work.

People from Middle Eastern countries where Arabic is spoken are friendly and welcome new visitors with open arms. Their hospitality makes working conditions fun and exciting with never a dull moment.

8. Bengali

Not many people opt to learn this Middle Eastern language, putting this skill in high demand. On top of that perk, it’s just a fun language to learn overall.

Bengali people would be eager to help you learn and improve, which could ease business dealings and relationships. These people are skilled in warfare and diplomacy, making suitable military applications or international translation.

Also known as Bangla, this language may open many doors to people willing to learn this smooth, uncomplicated language.

9. Russian

Some of the languages in this article are so easy to pick up that anyone could learn them quickly. That’s not the case for Russian, which is probably one of the most challenging languages to get under the belt.

Russia is the largest country globally and has a cultural and ecological wealth with many international businesses. Many Russians aren’t very proficient in English, so learning this dark-sounding language should be helpful for any person doing business with them.

Challenging as it may be, it’d certainly be an accomplishment to master this language. Discover new horizons by taking on the exciting language that’s Russian.

A Proverbial Full Stop

Anyone learning new skills is making an effort to improve themselves. The dedication and will would tell a recruiter a lot about the person, and many business opportunities may be opened to them. Online learning has made it possible for many more people to acquire new skills, including learning a new language. So, open your book to a new chapter by learning one for yourself.

February 26, 2022

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