7 Rewarding Reasons To Learn Power BI

Making data-driven decisions is becoming a standard decision-making strategy for most businesses nowadays. With the emergence of this trend which might even stay for good, developers have created software solutions to make businesses processes involving data more efficient and convenient. These processes include the collecting, organizing, and analysis of data and so much more. 

Another example of one of these processes is business intelligence, a tech-driven process that helps executives analyse data and have actionable information.  With this, tech companies devised solutions like Power BI, a service that helps with providing data visualizations and other business intelligence capabilities.

importance of business intelligence

Before delving deeper into Power BI, you might be wondering about the importance of business intelligence in the first place. For businesses, BI essentially helps them get a simplified visual overview of the data regarding multiple aspects of their companies. It showcases multiple reports and dashboards helping your business with making data-based decisions. By using tools for business intelligence, you’ll be able to make better data-based decisions for the company. 

Of course, when it comes to software, it’s critical to learn how to use it to make the most of all it has to offer, especially in terms of features. This is where online courses come in. As they become more popular, more educators and experts alike create online courses. Also, learning about anything has never been easier, and using PowerBI is no exception. Hence, AcuityTraining offers Power BI classes in London, with small class sizes so you receive plenty of teacher support. 

7 Rewarding Reasons To Learn Power BI 

If you’re now considering learning PowerBI, here are seven rewarding reasons to learn the service for your business needs.

1. Save Yourself From A Lot Of Headache

Dealing with data is a very tedious and repetitive task. You want it done efficiently but also accurately. Unfortunately, this is difficult to accomplish when it’s being done by a human being.

Fortunately, more software is being developed to eliminate this issue. With PowerBI being a feature-rich business intelligence service, one of the ways it can help you is to use Power BI for business dashboards. Another way it helps is by delivering accurate reports allowing for fewer human errors. 


2. Have A Modern Skill

As mentioned, businesses are now revolutionising in making data-based decisions. As such, learning how to use software like Microsoft’s PowerBI to help expedite this process is a very useful skill to have. Moreover, the benefits of implementing business intelligence software into your business are countless. For example, you can improve the process of creating dashboards and reports as BI software makes these easier.

3. Cut Costs

Especially if you’re a small business, you might not be able to afford a data analyst yet. Even more so, you might not have so much data to handle. Thus, it lets investing too much into business intelligence an impractical decision. 

As such, by learning how to use the software along with spreadsheets like excel you can cut the costs of hiring another employee to handle your data management needs. Additionally, you can now have some idea of what to expect from a specific skill from your data analyst candidates when your business grows.

4. Satisfy Both Employees And Customers

The data you gather in your business won’t only be limited to customer interactions and sales. You can also use it to track the performance of your employees and their satisfaction with working in your company. 

Using PowerBI’s dashboards, you could improve your customer interactions based on the data being reflected. You can also use those dashboards to improve the experience that your employees have working in your company. For example, you can see how long most employees stay in the company and the frequency of their reasons for leaving the company.

5. Increase Profits

Making data-driven decisions becomes easier because you can adjust your marketing and sales strategies according to what the data reflects.  Improving your strategies based on the data may lead to increased profits. Using PowerBI’s business intelligence tools, you can easily see a summarized and visualized representation of the company’s performance. From there you can alter your methods and procedures to optimize productivity and increase your sales. 

For example, you can see which digital advertising campaigns bring the most conversions and sales. If you notice that a certain campaign isn’t performing well, you can avoid the tactics you utilized there. 

6. Improve Data-Driven-Decision-Making Strategy

Efficiency is one of the objectives that any business has no matter what industry they’re in. This includes efficiency in business processes and operations such as data gathering, management, and visualization. By using software such as PowerBI, you can easily automate the summation of your data and the creation of dashboards and reports. As an added benefit, you can easily integrate it into your system, specifically with Power apps. Hence, utilising data to make decisions for the company is now more efficient and convenient.

7. Worry Less About Data Security

With the rise of concerns regarding the data privacy and security of both a business and its customers, as they must protect the data they’ve gathered. Moreover, the lack of proper data security has led to scandals and lawsuits. By avoiding this issue, not only can you worry less but you’ll also save your company from future legal fees. 



With the rise of businesses wishing to utilise a data-based decision-making strategy, software solutions have been created to cater to the need for more efficient processes. One of these software solutions is Microsoft’s PowerBI. If you’re a business that wishes to follow suit and make your decision-making strategy more data-based then using the service is worth considering. 

Of course, as the usage of data is here to stay, learning how to traverse the software may be a skill worth having for the future. Not only will it help your business but it may come with numerous rewarding benefits. If you’re now considering the service, the list above may help you with your decision.


December 29, 2021

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