2D Animation: Ultimate Guide to Adobe Animate

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2D Animation: Ultimate Guide to Adobe Animate

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2D Animation Course for Beginners Take This Course

Course Description

Do you love animations? Have you ever imagined becoming an individual who can produce mind-boggling animations using Adobe software? Well, the 2D Animation course with Adobe Animate for beginners is your dream course. With the successful completion of the course, you can enter the job market with an average salary of more than £30,000 annually. 

Module one focuses on building a solid foundation on Adobe Animate. As you dive into the ‘Workplace’ lesson, you will begin to understand toolbars, menus, and the layout of panels. The ‘Selection Tools’ lesson will give you insights into manipulating plus transforming objects within the animation. Lessons on ‘Drawing Tools will increase your skill in crafting and modifying shapes, curves, and lines to add the foundation of animations. At the end of the first module, you can create smooth animations. 

In module two of this 2D animation course, you will learn to brainstorm ideas, build character concepts, and sketch rough character outlines, which will develop your foundation on character design. The next lesson will make you skilled enough to create visually pleasing characters. Moreover, the idea of choosing suitable colour pallets to express the emotions, moods, and traits of the characters will be introduced in this lesson. You can produce mouth shapes for your animated characters at the end of this module.

The third module will help you to create versatile movements and expressions for animated characters, like blinking, waving, nodding, etc. The main focus of the module is to develop character walking. It will teach you the movement and pose related to the animation walk. Moreover, it explains in detail about adding fluidity in the animation to keep the smooth vibe. 

Join the best 2D animation course for beginners right now and move forward to a bright career.

Learning Outcome

    • Gain excellent proficiency in Adobe Animate
    • Achieve mastery in using tools to craft precise shapes
    • Ability to create versatile symbol types for efficient animation
    • Become an expert in frame-by-frame animation
    • Capable of crafting high-quality character design
    • Create realistic anime characters with simple expressions
    • Proficiency in colour and shape application


    • Basic academic knowledge
    • Passionate about learning animations
    • Fast internet connection
    • Smartphone/PC/Laptop

Why should I take this Course?

    • Unlock your creative potential to become an expert in 2D animation
    • Build your portfolio to attract hiring managers
    • Self-learning pace
    • Open opportunities for yourself in the animation sector
    • Increase your resume weight with multiple skills
    • Get certified after completing the course
    • Premium course content at a cheap rate

Career path

    • 2D Animator
    • Graphic Designer
    • UI/UX Animator
    • Character Designer
    • Motion Graphics Designer
    • Storyboard Artist
    • Freelance Animator

Frequently Asked Question

Is Adobe animate good for 2D animation?

Yes, Adobe Animate is a dominating and powerful software for creating top-notch 2D animation. You can create smooth animation using the versatile tools of this fantastic software. 

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:01:00
Adobe Animate Basics
Workspace 00:06:00
Selection Tools 00:10:00
Drawing Tools 00:08:00
Remaining Tools Overview 00:08:00
Object Drawing 00:03:00
Graphic Symbols 00:10:00
Movie Clip 00:06:00
Button 00:05:00
Timeline 00:09:00
Shape Tween 00:04:00
Classic Tween 00:04:00
Motion Tween 00:03:00
Frame-by-frame animation 00:10:00
Designing the Character
Character Design-Part 1 00:06:00
Character Design-Part 2 00:13:00
Character Design-Part 3 00:11:00
Colouring The Shapes 00:11:00
Converting Shapes To Symbols 00:08:00
Creating Mouth Shapes 00:15:00
Character Rigging 00:14:00
Character Animation
Character Simple Animation 00:25:00
Character Walk Cycle Part-1 00:11:00
Character Walk Cycle Part-2 00:12:00
Character Walk Cycle Part-3 00:12:00
Downloadable Files
Downloadable Files – Learn 2D Animation with Adobe Animate 00:00:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
2D Animation: Ultimate Guide to Adobe Animate

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2D Animation Course for Beginners Take This Course

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