Bicycle Maintenance Course

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Riding a bicycle instead of driving a car actually saves the world from pollution and also your cost of fuel/transportation while giving you the opportunity to maintain your daily workout. More and more people nowadays consider bicycles to ride to their workplace while others use it as a tool for exercise. But bicycles need some basic repairing more than twice a month for a smooth ride. What if you could do those repairs yourself? Or even make a bicycle repairing business in town?

This course will equip a student with all the necessary parts and functionalities of a bicycle and how to repair them. It covers riding safety, inspection and cleaning process, spare parts and replacements and many more. This course also cover the step by step explanations on how to make a bicycle ride smooth by checking up regularly and cleaning,finding out specific problems, replacing and repairing the headset, tire issues like puncture, lubricating the moving parts etc.

This is a CPD accredited course with a Certificate for you upon completion of this course. It will help you to make a bicycle repairing business or a career in the related industry if you plan on it.  

Who is this course for?

This course is perfectly suitable for anyone who owns a bicycle or planning to buy one for transportation, exercise or any other purposes. Besides those who are interested in bicycle maintenance and repairing or want to make a related career can take the course.


There are no prerequisites to enroll in this course. Anyone can take the course if he has interest in bicycle maintenance and repairing.

Educational background would not be a problem in this case. If you have a laptop or desktop computer that would be handy but it is possible to continue with an android mobile phone too. This course is compatible with any windows, mac or android devices.

Career path

After completing the course successfully, students will get a CPD-accredited certification. This certification will help enrich their resumes. With this certification our students have been working in many bicycle repairing and retailing shops. There are opportunities for jobs in bicycle assembling factories or start up a repairing business.

CPD accreditation added extra value to the course and it helps to get an appraisal in related jobs after completing the course successfully. 

Course Curriculum

Bicycle Maintenance Course
Know Your Bike 00:12:00
Must-Haves for Your Toolbox 00:20:00
Regular Bike Maintenance 00:26:00
Tyre 00:21:00
The Wheels 00:18:00
The Brakes 00:13:00
The Saddle 00:09:00
The Chain 00:20:00
The Steering System 00:12:00
The Gears 00:15:00
Pedals and Drivetrain 00:19:00
Suspension 00:14:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Bicycle Maintenance Course 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Bicycle Maintenance Course 00:20:00

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