Google Sheets Masterclass: The Power of Excel and Analysis

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Google Sheets Masterclass: The Power of Excel and Analysis

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Google Sheets Masterclass: The Power of Excel and Analysis Take This Course

Course Overview

In this competitive job market, you need to have some specific skills and knowledge to start your career and establish your position. This Google Sheets Masterclass: The Power of Excel and Analysis will help you understand the current demands, trends and skills in the sector. The course will provide you with the essential skills you need to boost your career growth in no time.

The Google Sheets Masterclass: The Power of Excel and Analysis will give you clear insight and understanding about your roles and responsibilities, job perspective and future opportunities in this field. You will be familiarised with various actionable techniques, career mindset, regulations and how to work efficiently.

This course is designed to provide an introduction to Google Sheets Masterclass: The Power of Excel and Analysis and offers an excellent way to gain the vital skills and confidence to work toward a successful career. It also provides access to proven educational knowledge about the subject and will support those wanting to attain personal goals in this area.

Learning Objectives

    • Learn the fundamental skills you require to be an expert
    • Explore different techniques used by professionals
    • Find out the relevant job skills & knowledge to excel in this profession
    • Get a clear understanding of the job market and current demand
    • Update your skills and fill any knowledge gap to compete in the relevant industry
    • CPD accreditation for proof of acquired skills and knowledge

Who is this Course for?

Whether you are a beginner or an existing practitioner, our CPD accredited Google Sheets Masterclass: The Power of Excel and Analysis is perfect for you to gain extensive knowledge about different aspects of the relevant industry to hone your skill further.

It is also great for working professionals who have acquired practical experience but require theoretical knowledge with a credential to support their skill, as we offer CPD accredited certification to boost up your resume and promotion prospects.

Entry Requirement

Anyone interested in learning more about this subject should take this Google Sheets Masterclass: The Power of Excel and Analysis. This course will help you grasp the basic concepts as well as develop a thorough understanding of the subject.

The course is open to students from any academic background, as there is no prerequisites to enrol on this course. The course materials are accessible from an internet enabled device at anytime of the day.

CPD Certificate from Course Gate

At the successful completion of the course, you can obtain your CPD certificate from us. You can order the PDF certificate for £9 and the hard copy for £15. Also, you can order both PDF and hardcopy certificates for £22.

Career path

The Google Sheets Masterclass: The Power of Excel and Analysis will help you to enhance your knowledge and skill in this sector. After accomplishing this course, you will enrich and improve yourself and brighten up your career in the relevant job market.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Getting Started
Introduction 00:04:00
Getting started on Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS 00:01:00
Section 02: Google Sheets Basic
Sheets Basics to start 00:13:00
Cells Rows and Columns 00:09:00
Productivity Tips and File Sharing 00:09:00
Menu and Toolbar options 00:08:00
Save and print in Sheets 00:03:00
Language and Spreadsheet settings 00:09:00
Version recovery and edit History 00:03:00
Section 03: Data Types And Formulas
Data Types 00:07:00
Data Entry 00:06:00
Autofill in sheets 00:04:00
Data handling basics (copy, cut and paste) 00:04:00
Common functionalities in sheets 00:05:00
Regular Functions in Google Sheets (sum,average,counta and countunique) 00:12:00
Relative Vs. Absolute referencing 00:06:00
Section 04: Data Formatting And Useful Tools
Useful tools and Report design 00:03:00
Split Text into columns 00:04:00
Conditional formatting 00:04:00
Create Drop-down lists from data 00:05:00
Data Validations 00:05:00
Importing TXT data files into Google Sheets 00:08:00
Importing .CSV data files into Google Sheets 00:05:00
Getting Data from Other Google Sheets 00:04:00
Section 05: Reports: Filtering, Sorting, And Cleaning Data
Sort Features 00:03:00
Filter and Filter view in Sheets 00:05:00
Filtered Results-(SubTotal) 00:04:00
Remove Duplicates 00:04:00
Trim White Spaces 00:04:00
Find and Replace Data 00:05:00
Section 06: Google Sheets: Essential Functions To Analyse Data
Unique and Sort Functions 00:05:00
SUM(IFS) applying on (COUNT,MIN, MAX) 00:14:00
Logical Functions 00:07:00
IF Function (IF, Then) No voice 00:04:00
Nested IF and IFS Functions 00:11:00
Named Ranges 00:03:00
Rounding Values 00:04:00
Section 07: Google Sheets: Lookup Functions
VLOOKUP Function 00:06:00
HLOOKUP Function 00:04:00
HLOOKUP Match formula 00:06:00
Section 08: XLOOKUP And #NA
XLOOKUP Function 00:04:00
Handling hash NA and Approximates match in XLOOKUP 00:06:00
Section 09: Text, Date, And Time Functions
Basic Text Functions 00:06:00
Split and Join Data from multiple columns 00:04:00
Search and SUBSTITUTE 00:06:00
Date Time Functions 00:06:00
Time Calculations(worked hours) 00:04:00
Section 10: Collaborate, Publish, And Protect
Collaboration and Sharing files 00:06:00
Publishing Sheet or chart to Link in a web page 00:04:00
Publishing Sheet or chart to Embedding in a web page 00:05:00
Email Google Sheets or chart 00:03:00
Prepare for Print or PDF with page breaks 00:05:00
Protect a sheet or range 00:04:00
Use Google Forms to collect real-time data 00:06:00
Exercise and Solution for PDF layout 00:04:00
Section 11: Google Sheets: Charts
Chart Basics – Column and Line Charts 00:04:00
Aggregating Data in Charts – Bar and Pie Charts 00:05:00
Combo charts 00:03:00
Gauge chart 00:06:00
Table chart 00:03:00
Scorecard chart for KPI Dashboards 00:02:00
Adding Slicers to charts 00:04:00
Sparklines chart 00:05:00
Sparklines for Stock and Currency 00:04:00
Geo charts 00:03:00
Section 12: Pivot Tables In Google Sheets
Explore Pivot Features in Google Sheets 00:05:00
Pivot Table Basics in Google Sheets 00:03:00
Use Filters and Slicers for Dynamic Pivot Tables 00:04:00
Grouping items and dates(Month,Year) 00:04:00
Custom Formulas in Pivot Tables 00:03:00
Section 13: Advanced Google Sheets Functions And Formulas
INDEX MATCH for complex lookups 00:04:00
ARRAYFORMULA function 00:05:00
Create your own Arrays and Make totals 00:03:00
INDIRECT Function Lookup 00:03:00
Create Random Data and Text 00:02:00
SEQUENCE Function 00:04:00
Section 14: The QUERY Functions
QUERY Function Basics 00:05:00
QUERY Function using Select and Where 00:08:00
QUERY Function for Aggregation 00:04:00
Group By Multiple Columns 00:05:00
Transform Distinct Values using Pivot(Query Function) 00:03:00
Aggregates and Sorting using Order by clause 00:04:00
QUERY Function for Dynamic Totals 00:06:00
QUERY Function to Combine Data from Multiple Sheets 00:04:00
QUERY Function with IMPORTRANGE to Combine External Sheets 00:04:00
Section 15: Google Sheets: Import Data From Web
Import Tables from the Web(IMPORTHTML) 00:04:00
Import any structured data from Web(IMPORTXML) 00:02:00
Section 16: Google Sheets: QR Code And Images
Insert Image on Google Sheets 00:04:00
Generate QR Code on Required data 00:06:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Google Sheets Masterclass: The Power of Excel and Analysis

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Google Sheets Masterclass: The Power of Excel and Analysis Take This Course

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