Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance

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Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance

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Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance Take This Course


Build your expertise in vehicle repair and maintenance with this Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance course. This advanced training covers vehicle repair and maintenance essentials, such as car components, servicing, electric systems and safety rules.

This online course will introduce you to different vehicle safety practices and procedures. You’ll learn about various safety tools and equipment a light vehicle technician uses. The vehicle repair course will teach you many things, like fixing dashboard lights and ensuring proper maintenance of car wheels and tyres. Moreover, you’ll learn how to maintain internal combustion engines and understand the oil change process. Our Light Vehicle Maintenance Level 3 course will also explain how to maintain fuel and exhaust systems and car electric systems. 

The Vehicle Repair course will explain the concept of a vehicle’s drivetrain, including its components and routine maintenance tasks. Furthermore, it will provide a comprehensive guide to vehicle restoration. The vehicle repair course will focus on the skills required to restore a car’s interior, exterior and engine. You’ll also learn how to test-drive vehicles after a vehicle repair to ensure optimum safety. 

Our Level 3 Vehicle Technician course will also educate you about hybrid vehicle models and maintenance and the architectures of HEVs. Besides, it will introduce you to alternative hybrid vehicle architectures. Taking this Vehicle Repair course, you’ll identify the provision and use of work equipment regulations. You’ll also understand what factors contribute to work equipment’s safe use and functionality. Finally, the Vehicle Maintenance Course will explain how to monitor and evaluate work equipment to improve operational efficiency. 

So, enrol in our Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance Course and work towards a lucrative career.

Learning Outcome

    • Deepen your understanding of light vehicle repair and maintenance
    • Find excellent engine maintenance tips to keep vehicles in top shape
    • Identify the essential elements of brake system maintenance
    • Learn how to maintain an engine cooling system
    • Familiarise yourself with different car restoration tools and techniques
    • Enrich your knowledge of hybrid electric vehicle service and maintenance

Who is this Light Vehicle Maintenance Level 3 Course for?

This level 3 light vehicle maintenance course is designed for those interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of vehicle repair and maintenance. Our vehicle repair course is suitable for aspiring automotive technicians or mechanics who want to start a career in the automotive industry. Professionals working in related fields can also take this vehicle maintenance course to grow their skillset.

This is the best vehicle repair course for professionals who have acquired practical experience but require theoretical knowledge with a credential to support their skills, as we offer CPD-accredited certification to boost your resume and promotion prospects

Entry Requirements

The light vehicle maintenance level 3 course is open to students from any academic background, as there are no prerequisites to enrol in this course. The online course will help you grasp the fundamental concepts and thoroughly understand the subject. Again, the materials are accessible from an internet-enabled device at any time of the day.


After completing this level 3 vehicle maintenance and repair course, you will receive a globally recognised CPD certification confirming your competence in wrapping vehicles. The certificate in PDF format costs £9, while the hard copy costs £15. However, you can get the certificate in print and PDF format for only £22.

Career path

The Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance Course opens a new door to entering the relevant job market and lets you gain extensive knowledge and the required skills to succeed. Related professions in this industry include:

    • Vehicle Maintenance Technician
    • Car Mechanic
    • Automotive Engineer
    • HGV Mechanic
    • Automotive Restoration Specialist

Benefits You Will Have from The Course (Key Features)

    • Receive an internationally acknowledged CPD certification.
    • Excellent e-learning experience.
    • Extraordinary online-based study materials.
    • Appealing and unique activities and content.
    • Insight and support from leading experts in the field.
    • 24/7 availability of the study resources.
    • Assessment methods of higher-level thinking and abilities.
    • Exceptional customer service and administrative assistance are available via email, phone, and chat from Monday through Friday.
    • Get a year long subscription to the online learning site and study materials.

Topics Covered in This Course

Our Vehicle Maintenance Course covers the following topics:

    • Introduction to Vehicle Safety and Maintenance
    • General Safety Rules for Maintaining Vehicles
    • Maintenance of Electrical System
    • Tyre Maintenance Practices
    • Drivetrain Maintenance
    • Engine Cooling System Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting Common Vehicle Problems
    • Transmission, Frame, and Steering
    • Wheels, Tires, and Brakes Maintenance
    • Developing Vehicle Restoration Plans
    • Architecture of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
    • Selection and Conformity of Work Equipment
    • Safe Functionality of Work Equipment
    • Monitoring and Evaluation of Work Equipment

Course Duration

This Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Course accommodates diverse schedules and offers flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Our online training takes an average of 12 Hours and 32 Minutes to complete. However, you can access the course materials for up to one year.

Why You Should Take This Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance Course?

    • Learn the skills and techniques for performing routine maintenance tasks
    • Understand the protocols for maintaining a safe working environment
    • Troubleshooting common vehicle issues
    • Learn about engine cooling and lubrication systems
    • Know how to maintain internal combustion engines
    • Enrich your knowledge of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)
    • Build your confidence in handling automotive-related tasks

Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance Course FAQs

What is a Light Vehicle Mechanic?

Light vehicle mechanics repair and maintain the mechanical parts of cars, including engines, gearboxes, clutches, and brakes. They also perform routine services like oil changes and engine tune-ups.

How Much Does The Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance Course Cost?

The exact price is determined by criteria such as the training provider, the course duration and whether any materials or tools are included. Our Vehicle Repair Course initially cost £175, but now it is only £21.

Do I Need Any Previous Expertise Or Credentials To Enrol In Vehicle Repair Course?

Enrolling in our Vehicle Repair Course requires no prior experience or credentials. The course is designed for learners of different ability levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Course Curriculum

Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance
Module 01: Introduction to Safety and Maintenance 00:12:00
Module 02: General Maintenance 00:35:00
Module 03: Dashboard Indicator Lights 00:32:00
Module 04: Tyres and Wheels 00:40:00
Module 05: Internal Combustion Engines & Engine Oil 00:14:00
Module 06: The Cooling System 00:29:00
Module 07: The Fuel System 00:30:00
Module 08: The Electrical System 00:31:00
Module 09: The Drivetrain 00:33:00
Module 10: The Braking System 00:29:00
Module 11: Engine -Diagnostics 00:05:00
Module 12: Basics of Engine 00:09:00
Module 13: Engine Cooling and Lubrication 00:14:00
Module 14: Ignition 00:09:00
Module 15: Troubleshooting 00:16:00
Module 16: Transmission, Frame and Steering 00:22:00
Module 17: Suspension 00:09:00
Module 18: Intake, Fuel, Clutch, and Exhaust Systems 00:18:00
Module 19: Electrical Maintenance 00:16:00
Module 20: Wheels, Tires, and Brakes Maintenance 00:15:00
Module 21: Car Restoration Plan 00:49:00
Module 22: Restoring the Car’s Interior 00:30:00
Module 23: Restoring the Car’s Exterior 00:34:00
Module 24: Restoring the Engine 00:31:00
Module 25: Reassemble & Test Drive 00:30:00
Module 26: What is HEV & world famous models 00:02:00
Module 27: Architecture of Hybrid Electric vehicles 00:08:00
Module 28: Parallel Hybrid Vehicles 00:06:00
Module 29: Other types of Architecture 00:07:00
Module 30: Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 00:48:00
Module 31: Selection and Conformity of Work Equipment 00:25:00
Module 32: Safe Functionality of Work Equipment 00:36:00
Module 33: Monitoring and Evaluation of Work Equipment 00:28:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance

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Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance Take This Course

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