Tips For Advancing Your Pharma Sales Career

The biopharma industry is rapidly growing, which has led to need for leaders in salesforce management in the local, district as well as regional levels. If you are looking to pursue a career in sales management, you need to develop the leadership skills needed for training, mentoring as well as developing the less experienced sales representatives. You can ideally advance in the pharma sales industry by getting into larger markets and marketing a wider array of varying medications. In this read, we are going to give you a few tips for advancing your career in pharma sales.  

 Establish Your Goals 

It might not seem to be the right time to be setting career goals, but as with every facet in life, it’s advisable to have a general idea of how you want your career to progress. You don’t need to implement time limits on when you need to advance as a pharma sales professional. All you need at this stage is to create a rough draft on the path you wish to take as well as how you intend to get there.  

 Create Your Own Path 

Even though it’s essential to learn from other professionals in this niche, the truth is you will barely reach where you want unless you nurture your own path. For instance, starting as a pharmaceutical sales representative can result in advancing to other positions other than sales management. You might be interested in working as a pharma sales professional in order to gain an understanding of the various medications. After several years, you can go back to school, get a degree in order to become a licensed pharmacist.  

 Be Resilient 

Just because you market products essential to people’s health does not mean every pitch will be accepted by a practitioner allowed to prescribe FDA approved medications. Be ready to go through the ups and downs of making sales. Knowing how to rebound after a day or two of no sales is vital in surviving and advancing in the pharma sales industry. Also, you’ll need to practice resiliency because of the long hours of sales ahead.  

 Put in Work 

Pharma sales reps that advance quickly, as hinted above, should be willing to sacrifice their personal time in order to improve their careers and credentials. This entails traveling most of the time to reach as many potential clients as possible. According to a certain pharmaceutical industry report, sales reps and that travel most of the time, almost always earn more money throughout their endeavors. The more you put in the miles, the more contacts you’ll establish. A point to note here is that you will need to master time management as it matters a lot when traveling most of the time.  

 Nurture a Relationship with a Mentor 

When it comes to advancing in any career, developing a mentor-protégé relationship is a must. As an entry-level pharma sales rep, nurturing a professional and personal relationship with a mentor will help your nurture your skills and also learn how to develop lasting relationships with healthcare practitioners and other clients. Your mentor will ideally give you advice and tips on how to close sales, and knowing when to move on to the next client. All these are important things to keep in mind as you progress through your career. You will have a fun and tough road ahead, and following these tips will make the journey less daunting.
September 9, 2020

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