Advanced Diploma in Health and Safety

4( 11 REVIEWS )

Advanced Diploma in Health and Safety

4( 11 REVIEWS )


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Course Description 

Advanced Diploma in Health and Safety is accredited by CPD and suitable for anyone ambitious about or already working in this field or simply want to learn deeper into Health and Safety. You will be able to add this CPD accredited qualification to your CV by downloading your certificate instantly without any cost.

To make this course more accessible for you, we have designed it for both part-time and full-time students. This course is packed into bite-size modules for your convenience. You can study at your own pace or become accredited within hours!

If you require support, our experienced tutors are always available to help you throughout the comprehensive syllabus of this course and answer all your queries through email.

A sudden accident, sickness, or injury in your workplace or anywhere else may a cause of your health risk. So, it is very important to know about the safety procedure. Learn different effective ways of safety procedures for health through our Advanced Diploma in Health and Safety course.

The lucid contents of the course teach you the basic safety and health issues to ensure safety and healthy environment in the workplace. It enables you to how to minimize risk, accidents, and hazard taking some instant initiative. The course also teaches you how to perform your managerial roles, manage stress, and implement a safety plan effectively.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn the fundamental skills you require to be an expert
  • Explore different techniques used by professionals
  • Find out the relevant job skills & knowledge to excel in this profession
  • Get a clear understanding of the job market and current demand
  • Update your skills and fill any knowledge gap to compete in the relevant industry
  • CPD accreditation for proof of acquired skills and knowledge

Entry Requirement

  • Basic academic knowledge
  • Smooth internet connection
  • Smartphone/Laptop/PC

Who is this Course for?

  • Business professionals who need to learn about workplace health and safety methods
  • People who have an interest in knowing how to handle health and safety

CPD Certificate from Course Gate

At the successful completion of the course, you can obtain your CPD certificate from us. You can order the PDF certificate for £9 and the hard copy for £15. Also, you can order both PDF and hardcopy certificates for £22.

Career path

The Advanced Diploma in Health and Safety will help you to enhance your knowledge and skill in this sector. After accomplishing this course, you will enrich and improve yourself and brighten up your career in the relevant job market.

Featured Reviews

William Simpson
William Simpson
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The course gives a good overview of Health and safety. it is quick and easy to navigate and understand the information being put across. the only down side is some of the modules are harder to print out to retain for future use.
Andrea Kennedy
Andrea Kennedy
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I enjoyed this course and as a safety practitioner based in the UK I found the course to be a helpful and informative refresher training.
Emmanuella Berkoh
Emmanuella Berkoh
Read More
Excellent course content and easy understanding. Recommended for every safety professional especially beginners

Course Curriculum

Health and Safety at Workplace
Introduction 00:15:00
Health and Safety Related Accidents and ill-health 00:30:00
Legal Responsibilities and Requirements 00:30:00
Managing health and safety in Workplace 01:00:00
Health and Safety in The workplace 00:20:00
Workplace Hazards, Slips and Trips 01:00:00
General fire safety 00:15:00
Work at height 00:05:00
Building work 00:05:00
Machinery safety 00:05:00
Plant and equipment maintenance 00:05:00
Workplace transport 00:05:00
Lifting and handling 00:05:00
Noise, Vibration 01:00:00
Electricity 01:00:00
Harmful substances 01:00:00
Flammable and explosive substances 01:00:00
Managing health, Stress and Emergency Procedures 01:00:00
Role of Employer or Managers and PPE 01:00:00
Importance of Workplace Safety
Why Workplace Health & Safety are Important 01:00:00
It Takes Team Effort! 01:00:00
Some Rules are Compulsory 00:30:00
Rewarding Compliance 00:30:00
You Need a Backup Plan Always 01:00:00
Dealing with Issues and Concerns 00:15:00
How to Deal with Noncompliance 00:15:00
Remember What the Workplace is for 01:00:00
Make Your Workplace a Good Place 00:30:00
Conflict Resolution 00:15:00
Are Dress Codes Appropriate? 00:15:00
Minimizing Distractions 01:00:00
People Who Work After Hours 01:00:00
Your Fire Safety Plan 01:00:00
Being Organized 00:30:00
Plan for Emergencies 00:30:00
Promoting a Safe Environment 00:30:00
Do You Need Security Guards? 00:15:00
Special Situations: The Handicapped 00:15:00
Health and Safety at Workplace (for USA)
Module One – Getting Started 00:30:00
Module Two – An Overview 00:30:00
Module Three – Types of Hazards 00:30:00
Module Four – Managers Role 00:30:00
Module Five – Training 01:00:00
Module Six – Stress Management 01:00:00
Module Seven – Workplace Violence 00:30:00
Module Eight – Identifying Your Company Hazards 00:30:00
Module Nine – Drug & Alcohol Abuse 01:00:00
Module Ten – Writing the Safety Plan 00:30:00
Module Eleven – Implement the Plan 01:00:00
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up 00:30:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam- Advanced Diploma in Health and Safety 00:30:00
Final Exam
Final Exam- Advanced Diploma in Health and Safety 00:30:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Advanced Diploma in Health and Safety

Course Reviews


11 ratings
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  • 1 stars1
  1. HSE diploma 10/10


    to all intrested,

    Another great course this is my second with course gate i find them easy to learn with all the information being on movies and i like that you can print the course content to keep on file to recap with, when ever you need it.

    i highly recommencement the course it took me 10 hours but was interesting and seemed much quicker i planned 2 half days but done it in one.

    Regards Paul

  2. Advanced Diploma in Health and Safety


    this course is amazing, it explains step by step about health and safety i strongly recommend.



    Good but some of the content did not apply to uk, some of the videos are dated, however informative it’s advisable to do some research also, i did the nebosh cert, this helped me finish the course early.
    Can’t wait to receive my certificate.

  4. Please proofread.


    When I decided to take this course I was quite excited.
    However once I started reading through the questions it became clear that it had been thrown together without anybody proofreading it.
    I’m not being picky, (and yes I did pass).
    Some of the wording is atrocious, there are some words missing, which when your taking the exam, (or mock), really doesn’t help when you have to read a question 3 or 4 times as it doesn’t make sense.
    If the person doing the course is in the UK, doing the USA modules is a complete waste of time.
    That said, what I did learn was easy to pick up and it was nice dipping in and out of it to suit myself.

  5. Mary Deaton


    Advanced Diploma in Health and Safety came out more than what I thought! Glad I have a certificate now with good marks, a great addition in my CV indeed.

  6. James Adams


    I would like to recommend it. The contents are good; course is flexible, informative and systematised. Remarkable!

  7. Billy Diaz


    This course is really congenial. I had full freedom and ease to complete, had enough time to read, understand and learn. The tests are good too. Recommended to everybody, this is a basic course, I personally think everybody should know these stuff.

  8. Patricia Jackson


    Thanks for adding some instruction for working at height! This is what I had been looking for long! It also discusses on harmful substances – an absolutely helpful course.

  9. Marjorie Johnson


    Great course! Detailed and wholesome, I’m satisfied!

  10. Level 4 H&S


    Overall rating – disappointing.
    Many of the earlier units refer to video (and some show comments about the videos so they must have been there at some point) but no video or link present.
    The course is quite obviously written in US.
    There is whole unit on H&S in US which is not relevant to me.
    Areas of the course havent been updated fully to reflect UK legislation and hence are inaccurate.
    Language and terms used are quite out of date and some when used in UK are actually quite offensive. This is not really acceptable from a course of instruction.
    Both mock exam and final exam are poorly worded, often misleading and some answers are incorrect.
    Being informed at the point of taking the final exam that only have one chance and must pay for a re-sit is simple not right – in terms of learning or in terms of what is being purchased. Simply out of order for an on-line course.
    Courses should come with a pdf certificate & transcript. Current fees are too high for a simple pdf. I dont want to have to wait for an order. I want to receive my pdf certificate at the point of passing the final exam.
    Good general info but lots of opportunities for CourseGate to improve materials and how it rewards its students.

  11. Course Relevant


    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am pleased to have added the qualification on my cv because it covers relevant working skills to employers.


    Manfred Tanyi Takor

Health-and-Safety-course Take This Course

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