Asbestos Surveyor Training

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Asbestos Surveyor Training

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Course Description

The asbestos surveyor course is designed to provide you with both the knowledge and skills required to become a competent asbestos surveyor. This course explores nine facets of risk assessment, asbestos identification, and efficient surveying techniques.

Our asbestos surveyor training covers all of the crucial aspects of asbestos, such as knowing more about asbestos and its impact on health, recognising asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), overseeing asbestos risks, carrying out surveys, and ensuring quality control while setting up personal decontamination precautions. You’ll have hands-on experience with performing bulk sampling and generating survey reports.

This extensive e-learning experience starts with a discussion of the characteristics, applications, and history of asbestos. The asbestos surveyor qualifications then go on to address risk assessments, managerial framework tactics, and legal requirements pertaining to asbestos control. It helps you gain an in-depth understanding, relevant skills, and a recognised certification to thrive in the evolving sector of asbestos management and confidently assure workplace safety and compliance.

Enrol in our asbestos surveyor course immediately to become a professional and advance your career with in-demand expertise by obtaining the information and skills required for asbestos management health protection and adherence to regulations!

Learning Outcome

After finishing our asbestos surveyor training, you will be able to:

    • Determine the various forms of asbestos and their properties.
    • Learn about the health consequences of asbestos exposure.
    • Conduct thorough asbestos surveys using industry-standard methods.
    • Recognise materials that might contain asbestos.
    • Assess and handle asbestos-containing items in accordance with the law.
    • Carry out practical risk assessments and management measures while complying with legal standards.
    • Put together in-depth survey reports while maintaining quality control.
    • Execute bulk sampling methods with precision.
    • Establish specific decontamination initiatives for safety.

Who is this Course for?

This asbestos surveyor course caters to anyone seeking a thorough understanding of asbestos surveying, and it’s ideal for:

    • Potential asbestos surveyors 
    • Personnel in the fields of environmental health and construction.
    • Safety officials and consultants looking for an in-depth understanding of asbestos control.
    • People in charge of maintaining and managing property.
    • Professionals in health and safety who handle asbestos.
    • Environmental practitioners and consultants.
    • Specialists in construction and building inspection.

Entry Requirements

There is no prerequisite knowledge or experience needed for this asbestos surveyor course. All you really need, though, is a smart device with an internet connection, a fundamental grasp of English, and an awareness of health and safety guidelines.


After completing the asbestos surveyor training, you will be awarded a globally recognised CPD certification confirming your competence.

The certificate in PDF format costs £9, while the hard copy costs £15. However, you can get the certificate in both printed and PDF format for only £22.

Career path

Obtaining expertise from the asbestos surveyor course opens doors to a variety of professional prospects and is beneficial in areas where safety and compliance are prioritised. Develop your asbestos surveyor career in industries that require asbestos management, such as:

    • Certified Asbestos Surveyor
    • Asbestos Compliance Officer
    • Health and Safety Consultants
    • Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
    • Asbestos Management Consultant
    • Environmental Officers
    • Building Surveyors or Inspectors
    • Land Surveyor
    • Compliance Coordinator
    • Shipyard Surveyor

Benefits You Will Have from The Course (Key Features)

    • Receive an internationally acknowledged CPD certification.
    • Excellent e-learning experience.
    • Extraordinary online-based study materials.
    • Appealing and unique activities and content.
    • Insight and support from leading experts in the field.
    • 24/7 availability of the study resources.
    • Assessment methods of higher-level thinking and abilities.
    • Exceptional customer service and administrative assistance are available via email, phone, and chat from Monday through Friday.
    • Get a yearlong subscription to the online learning site and study materials.

Topics Covered in This Course

    • What is Asbestos?
    • Health effects of Asbestos
    • Asbestos-Containing Materials and Their Properties
    • Management of Asbestos
    • Risk Assessments and Legislative Requirements
    • Asbestos Surveying
    • Bulk Sampling Procedures and Strategies
    • Survey Report, Quality Assurance and Quality Control
    • Personal Decontamination

Course Duration

The asbestos surveyor course is intended to accommodate diverse schedules and offers flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace. It takes an average of 3 hours and 38 minutes to complete. However, you will be able to access the course materials for up to one year.

Why Should You Take This Course?

    • Acquire specific expertise in asbestos.
    • Obtain specialised knowledge to carry out asbestos surveys confidently.
    • Adhere to all legal requirements and asbestos laws.
    • Gain valuable skills by completing hands-on lessons.
    • Keep abreast of the finest statutory procedures.
    • Participate in environmental health and workplace safety.
    • Get access to industry-relevant case studies and expert insights.
    • Boost your chances of landing a job by obtaining a certification that the industry values and emphasises health and safety.

Asbestos Surveyor Course FAQs

What is an asbestos surveyor?

An asbestos surveyor is a specialist who has been trained to look for the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in buildings. They examine and detect asbestos-containing places, assisting in the safety of residents and workers by controlling or removing asbestos in compliance with rules.

The surveyor can gather samples for laboratory examination to confirm the existence of asbestos. There are several types of asbestos surveys, including:

Management Survey: This is a typical survey to determine the existence and extent of any questionable ACMs in the building that might get damaged or disturbed during regular occupancy, as far as practically possible.

Refurbishment/Demolition Survey: This survey is necessary before any renovation or demolition work and is used to detect and control ACMs in the area where the work will be done.

What does an asbestos surveyor do?

An asbestos surveyor’s ultimate purpose is to detect and manage asbestos hazards successfully, preventing exposure and protecting the health of those working in or near buildings that contain asbestos-containing materials. An asbestos surveyor is typically responsible for the following duties:

Inspection: Employ rigorous building inspections to detect probable ACMs.

Sampling: To verify the presence of asbestos, gather samples of potential ACMs for laboratory investigation.

Records: Create extensive reports that specify the spot, kind, and condition of all identified ACMs.

Risk Analysis: Assess the risk related to ACMs and make management recommendations.

Survey Types: Perform several sorts of surveys, like management surveys for regular monitoring & refurbishment/demolition surveys before rehabilitation or demolition operations.

Enforcement: Ensure that asbestos standards and guidelines are followed to safeguard residents’ and workers’ health and safety.

Effective Communication: Inform property owners, executives, and relevant parties about your findings and suggestions.

Management Strategies: Assist in developing asbestos management plans for safely handling and maintaining asbestos-containing items.

Statutory Cooperation: Stay current on asbestos-related rules and standards to maintain legal compliance.

Safety Procedures: Offer instructions on enacting safety measures and standard procedures for managing and eliminating asbestos when essential.

What qualifications do you need to be an asbestos surveyor? 

Region-specific requirements might differ. Therefore, you need to be aware of the laws and rules that apply to them. To work as an asbestos surveyor in the UK, you may need to have the following qualifications:

BOHS P402 Certificate: Completing the BOHS P402 Certification in Building Surveys and Bulk Asbestos Sampling is a recognised accreditation for asbestos surveyors.

Training Courses: Accomplishment of authorised training courses in asbestos surveying, approved by organisations such as UKAS or BOHS.

BOHS P405 Certificate: It’s not necessarily needed; however, acquiring the BOHS P405 Certification in Management of Asbestos in Buildings can boost knowledge in asbestos management.

CPD Accreditation: Although CPD isn’t a prerequisite for asbestos surveyors, enrolling in a course for ongoing learning and remaining up to date on industry advancements is highly recommended for career progression and retaining knowledge in the area. 

Practical Experience: Gaining on-the-job training or working under seasoned specialists can help individuals get practical asbestos surveying experience, which is usually preferred.

How to become an asbestos surveyor?

Becoming an asbestos surveyor isn’t that hard; all you need to do is:

Step 1: Start by enrolling in the Asbestos Surveyor Training with COURSEGATE.

Step 2: Access all course materials, including lessons, assignments, etc.

Step 3: Study from materials at your own pace and submit the assignments.

Step 4: Proceed through a thorough evaluation process. 

Step 5: Successfully navigate and pass all of the stages of evaluation.

Step 6: Receive your accredited certificate upon successful completion.

What is the asbestos surveyor salary in the UK?

Asbestos surveyors’ salaries in the UK can vary depending on factors like experience level, location, company, and the particular duties of the role. An entry-level asbestos surveyor may expect to make between £20,000 and £25,000 annually on average. Salary ranges for more experienced and knowledgeable workers might reach up to £40,000. Senior asbestos surveyors with specialisation, practical abilities, and chartered status might make up to £70,000 a year.

What activity is unlikely to disturb asbestos?

Asbestos alone is not harmful to health. However, disrupting materials that contain asbestos can release fibres into the air, which can cause cancer and other serious illnesses if inhaled. So, it is widely regarded as dangerous to engage in any action that may disrupt asbestos.

Activities that are unlikely to cause asbestos fibres to be released into the air include routine visual inspections and non-intrusive monitoring that does not entail physically disturbing materials that contain asbestos.

Are there any other relevant courses that I should purchase?

The need for more training totally depends on your career goals, passions, and the unique aspects of asbestos management you desire to excel in. Before taking any other courses, you must evaluate your current skills, determine areas for improvement, and consider your professional objectives. You should seek advice from professional bodies, organisations, or employers about appropriate courses that match your career plans.

Nevertheless, you can take a look at our following courses:

Course Curriculum

Module 01: What is Asbestos?
What is Asbestos 00:23:00
Module 02: Health effects of Asbestos
Health Effects of Asbestos 00:29:00
Module 03: Asbestos Containing Materials and Their Properties
Asbestos Containing Materials and Their Properties 00:21:00
Module 04: Management of Asbestos
Management of Asbestos 00:23:00
Module 05: Risk Assessments and Legislative requirements
Risk Assessments and Legislative Requirements 00:37:00
Module 06: Asbestos Surveying
Asbestos Surveying 00:19:00
Module 07: Bulk Sampling Procedures and Strategies
Bulk Sampling Procedures and Strategies 00:28:00
Module 08: Survey Report, Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Survey Report, Quality Assurance and Quality Control 00:25:00
Module 09: Personal Decontamination
Personal Decontamination 00:13:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Asbestos Surveyor Training

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asbestos surveyor course Take This Course

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