Brow Lamination with Wax and Tint

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Brow Lamination with Wax and Tint

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online brow lamination course cpd accredited Take This Course

Course Description

Acquire impeccable knowledge and skills to transform eyebrows through our online brow lamination course. Gain confidence in your career by being proficient in science, skills, and safe practices.

Explore your creativity and talent as the accredited brow lamination course delves into the art and science of brow shaping, preparing you to redefine beauty with precisely shaped brows. Set out on an online adventure to learn the intricate technique of brow laminating. From learning the science underlying treatments to honing waxing, tinting, and aftercare, this complete course assures you will emerge as a professional brow artist ready to challenge the market.

Take a thorough look into the world of brows with our extensive online brow-lifting course. Explore safe procedures, comprehend the life cycle of hair, and learn about the science underlying brow treatments as you search for brow perfection. Discover the secrets of brow laminating, waxing, and tinting, as well as consultation methods and workstation perfection. Indulge yourself in the step-by-step procedure, which includes brow mapping, tint application, waxing processes, and final laminated brows. Improve your knowledge and confidence by following our guidance on producing remarkable outcomes and offering top-notch aftercare. This brow lamination course for beginners will prepare you to enter the profession with vital information, a well-stocked kit, insurance expertise, and a competitive price guide.

Blend science and artistry to redefine beauty and offer versatility, client satisfaction, and lucrative career opportunities by immediately enrolling in this training!

Learning Outcome of Online Brow Lamination Course

After finishing this accredited brow lamination course, you will be able to:

    • Understand safe work procedures and follow industry guidelines.
    • Recognise the principles of the hair life cycle and brow sculpting science.
    • Develop your skill in brow consulting and design customised treatments.
    • Learn the precise techniques for tinting, waxing, and brow laminating.
    • Acquire accurate outcomes by learning efficient brow mapping strategies.
    • Learn how to apply tints properly for personalised styles.
    • Perform perfect waxing to go with brow laminating.
    • Identify and provide clients with the required results.
    • Administer appropriate follow-up to guarantee consumer contentment.
    • Give exceptional aftercare to get long-lasting results.
    • Create your professional equipment, get insurance, and establish a pricing range.

Who is this Course for?

This online brow lamination course is perfect for anyone who is passionate about eyebrow enhancement techniques. It’s ideal for people looking to expand their skill set, offer in-demand services, and provide clients with the latest trends in brow transformation.

    • Cosmetologists
    • Beauty Enthusiasts
    • Salon or Spa Owners 
    • Makeup Artists 
    • Prospective Beauticians
    • Salon Professionals
    • Employees wishing to provide upscale services.
    • Individuals wanting to become experts in brow enhancement techniques.

Entry Requirements

No prerequisite knowledge or experience is needed for this online brow lamination course. This training is designed for both beginners and seasoned beauty professionals who want to improve their abilities. Beginners, experts, and beauty aficionados wishing to broaden their skill set are all welcome to this course. All you need is a basic awareness of beauty concepts and a passion for enhancing brows!


After completing the online brow lamination course, you will be awarded a globally recognised CPD certification confirming your brow lifting competence.

The certificate in PDF format costs £9, while the hard copy costs £15. However, you can get the certificate in both printed and PDF format for only £22.

Career path

Brow lifting or sculpting is a desirable skill which will make you an invaluable asset in the beauty industry. After obtaining this online certification, you’ll be qualified to work at an upscale salon and beauty clinic. You’ll be able to make a successful career within the beauty industry by using your newly acquired knowledge through this accredited eyebrow lifting course, such as:

    • Brow Lifting Specialist
    • Beauty Salon Technician
    • Freelance Brow Artist
    • Beauty Therapist
    • Entrepreneur in the Beauty Industry
    • Freelance Eyebrow Specialist
    • Work in Beauty Salons and Spas
    • Establish Your Own Brow Studio

Benefits You Will Have from The Course (Key Features)

    • Receive an internationally acknowledged CPD certification.
    • Excellent e-learning experience.
    • Extraordinary online-based study materials.
    • Appealing and unique activities and content.
    • Insight and support from leading experts in the field.
    • 24/7 availability of the study resources.
    • Assessment methods of higher-level thinking and abilities.
    • Exceptional customer service and administrative assistance are available via email, phone, and chat from Monday through Friday.
    • Get a yearlong subscription to the online learning site and study materials.

Topics Covered in This Course

Our eyebrow lift course covers the following topics:

Essential Knowledge

    • Safe Working Practices
    • The Hair Life Cycle
    • The Science Behind the Treatment
    • Consultation
    • Preparing the Work Area and Appearance

Treatment Steps

    • Brow Lamination Step 1
    • Brow Lamination Step 2
    • Mapping The Brows
    • Tinting the Brows (Optional step)
    • Waxing and Brow Lamination Step 3
    • The Results
    • Aftercare

Stepping Out Into the Industry

    • Your Kit
    • Insurance
    • Price Guide

Course Duration

This online eyebrow sculpting course is intended to accommodate diverse schedules and offers flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace. It takes an average of 1 hour and 28 minutes to complete. However, you will be able to access the course materials for up to one year.

Why Should You Take This Course?

There are multiple reasons why you need this brow lamination and tint online course, including:

    • Acquire comprehensive knowledge and practical skills from industry experts.
    • Gain a competitive advantage in the beauty industry by possessing the in-demand waxing, tinting, and brow laminating techniques.
    • Develop the courage to enter the highly competitive beauty sector.
    • Provide a wide range of brow-enhancement procedures and attract more clients by using the newest aesthetic trends.
    • Produce amazing results with forethought and accuracy.
    • Leverage the increasing market for services related to brow enhancement.
    • Access guidance to establish a successful brow business.
    • Boost your earning potential and job prospects.

Online Brow Lamination Course FAQs

How much is a brow lamination course?

The cost of lamination brow training in the UK can differ greatly. You should set aside between £100 and £400 or more on average. The exact cost is determined by criteria such as the training provider, the length of the course, and if any materials or tools are included. Our eyebrow sculpting course originally cost £175, but now you can get it for only £21.

How can I get an online brow lamination course CPD accredited?

Getting an online eyebrow lift course isn’t that hard; all you need to do is:

Step 1: Start by enrolling in the Brow lamination with wax and tint course with COURSEGATE.

Step 2: Access all course materials, including lessons, assignments, etc.

Step 3: Study from materials at your own pace and submit the assignments.

Step 4: Proceed through a thorough evaluation process. 

Step 5: Successfully navigate and pass all of the stages of evaluation.

Step 6: Receive your accredited certificate upon successful completion.

Are there any other relevant courses that I should purchase?

The need for more training utterly depends on your career goals, passions, and the unique aspects of the beauty industry you want to specialise in. You should assess your existing skills, identify growth opportunities, and consider your future plans before enrolling in any more courses. You should consult with enterprises, organisations, and professional bodies for guidance on suitable courses that align with your career objectives.

Nevertheless, you can look at our other courses like:

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Essential Knowledge
Safe Working Practices 00:05:00
The Hair Life Cycle 00:05:00
The Science Behind the Treatment 00:05:00
Consultation 00:05:00
Preparing the Work Area and Appearance 00:05:00
Section 02: Treatment Steps
Brow Lamination Step 1 00:08:00
Brow Lamination Step 2 00:06:00
Mapping The Brows 00:05:00
Tinting the Brows (Optional step) 00:09:00
Waxing and Brow Lamination Step 3 00:10:00
The Results 00:05:00
Aftercare 00:05:00
Section 03: Stepping Out Into the Industry
Your Kit 00:05:00
Insurance 00:05:00
Price Guide 00:05:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Brow Lamination with Wax and Tint

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online brow lamination course cpd accredited Take This Course

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