Classic Eyelash Extension Training

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Classic Eyelash Extension Training

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Course Description

Do you want to be an eyelash expert or an eyelash technician? Is it your passion to binge-watch hundreds of eyelash extension videos on Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube? Well, we have got just what you are looking for. This valuable classic lash course can turn your passion for beautifying people’s eyelashes into a full-time profession. 

Upon completing the course, you can pursue a job in the make-up industry with an average income of £25,763 per year in the UK.

This course is divided into four modules. The first module starts with making you familiar with the classics lashes extension. The second module explains classic eyelash extensions’ principles and their rising market demand. Plus, it will teach you about the lash anatomy and types, giving you a strong foundation for human eyelashes. 

The third module focuses on crucial lessons, which include versatile lash extension materials, multiple lash extension techniques, and more. Here, you will learn to assess the client’s eye shape to suggest the most suitable lash extension. Furthermore, you will become familiar with the safety & hygiene maintenance of an eyelash extension business to provide contamination-free service. 

As you move to the middle part of this module, you will be equipped with the skill to perform flawless eyelash placement, smooth patch application, safe patch removal and finalising the treatment. In addition, in the last part of this module, you will gain the skills to identify signs of instant ration from specific lash extension products to help your clients on the spot. 

If you wish to kickstart an electrifying career in the classics lashes industry, join us in this course and start learning everything you need to know to work in this particular industry. Upon completing your course and successfully passing the final exam, you will receive a certificate of completion on classic lash course accredited by the CPD.

Learning Outcome

    • Gain mastery on flawless lash application to increase your client’s natural beauty 
    • Ability to assess and recommend specific eyelash modifications to meet your client’s needs
    • Learn the best hygiene and safety protocol to ensure a safe environment for clients
    • Acquire in-depth knowledge of tools and materials for eyelash extensions
    • Master efficient removal techniques of lash extension to ensure the comfort of the client


    • Highly passionate about beautifying people with eyelash extension
    • Basic academic knowledge
    • Smartphone/Laptop/PC with internet connection

Why should I take this Course?

    • Make yourself prepared for a lucrative career
    • Gain in-depth understanding of classic eyelash extension
    • Make your resume more potent with the learned skills
    • High-quality course materials
    • Self-learning feature
    • 26/7 dedicated support
    • CPD certification

Career path

    • Certified lash artist
    • Lash studio owner
    • Eyelash technician
    • Beauty consultant
    • Fashion and entertainment
    • Lash product sales representatives
    • Lash extension blogger

Frequently Asked Question

How to become a lash trainer in the UK?

If you plan to become a lash trainer in the UK, first of all, you have to complete your eyelash training and start your career as a lash technician. With sufficient skills and knowledge as a technician, you can proceed to become a lash trainer. To begin your career as a technician, It would be best if you enrol in a course which comes with internationally recognised certification. During the training, you should learn versatile skills like lash extension techniques, lash removals, hygiene & safety to prepare yourself for the entry-level job in this industry.

How much do lash technicians make in the UK?

Just like other professions, the income of lash technicians will vary based on factors like experience, location, client base, package pricing, etc. In the UK, an entry-level lash technician can earn around £17,000, while the average salary for lash technicians is £25,000.

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:01:00
Theory explained 00:29:00
Length, thickness and curl explained 00:02:00
Tools and materials needed 00:01:00
Hand wash 00:01:00
Patch application 00:01:00
Gel patch application 00:01:00
Fix gel patches in place 00:01:00
Primer and patches 00:02:00
Choosing the right effect 00:01:00
Tweezers 00:01:00
Eyelash placement 00:01:00
Direction of placement 00:01:00
Glue 00:01:00
Position of an eyelash 00:01:00
Shake the glue 00:01:00
Start 00:01:00
The process 00:10:00
Fast forward process 00:01:00
Patch removal 00:02:00
Finilizing the treatment 00:04:00
Brush 00:01:00
Reaction 00:01:00
Reaction 2 00:01:00
Eyelash extension removal methods
Banana split method 00:01:00
Single eyelash removal with the remover product 00:01:00
Full removal 00:02:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Classic Eyelash Extension Training

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classic lash course Take This Course

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