Farming Management Course

4.6( 7 REVIEWS )

Farming Management Course

4.6( 7 REVIEWS )


Farming Management Course Take This Course

Farm management is the skill that you need to make any decision that involves your farm. Good farm management skill provides you with the ability to organise and operate a farm for maximum production at minimum cost resulting huge profit.
Farm management, on various scales, is an essential skill for anyone who wants to build a farm of his/her own. Whether it be a tiny farm or a multi-national one, the skill will always be useful in every aspect.
Learning about agricultural economics and other issues will give you a thorough understanding of the markets, prices and policies for establishing a profitable business. This course covers all of those issues that you need to know for farm management.

Who is this course for?

Farming Management Course is suitable for anyone who want to gain extensive knowledge, potential experience and professional skills in the related field.


Our Farming Management Course is open to all from all academic backgrounds and there is no specific requirements to attend this course. It is compatible and accessible from any device including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Tablets etc.

Career path

This course opens a new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also gives you the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge along with required skills to become successful. You will be able to add our qualification to your CV/resume which will help you to stand out in the competitive job industry.

Course Curriculum

Poultry Farming
How Much Investment is Required in the Poultry Business? 00:30:00
What Branch of the Poultry Business? 01:00:00
The Dollar Hen Farm 02:00:00
Where to Locate 00:30:00
The Dollar Hen Farm 00:30:00
Incubation 01:00:00
Feeding 00:30:00
Diseases 01:00:00
Difference Between Poultry Flesh and Poultry Fattening 00:30:00
Marketing Poultry Carcasses 00:30:00
Quality in Eggs 01:00:00
Marketing Organization for Eggs 01:00:00
Breeds of Chickens 01:00:00
Practical and Scientific Breeding 01:00:00
Experiment Station Work 00:30:00
Poultry on the General Farm 00:30:00
Goat Farming
How To Take Care Of A Newborn Goat 00:30:00
How To Milk A Goat 00:30:00
How To Breed A Goat 00:30:00
Pygmy Goats 01:00:00
How To Feed Milk To Baby Pygmy Goats 00:30:00
Nubian Goats 00:30:00
Goat Diseases 00:30:00
Additional Tips On How To Take Care Of Goats 00:30:00
Essentials Needed For Your Goats 00:15:00
Bee Farming
Getting Started in Beekeeping 01:00:00
Clothing and Equipment Needed 00:30:00
How to Handle Bees 00:30:00
Acquiring Bees 01:00:00
Queen Management Techniques 01:00:00
Raising Queen Bees 01:00:00
Using Nectar Substitutes 00:30:00
Using Pollen Substitutes 00:30:00
Keeping Bees in a Suburban Area 01:00:00
About Bacterial Diseases 01:00:00
About Viruses and Fungal Diseases 00:30:00
About Varroa Mites 01:00:00
The Small Hive Beetle 01:00:00
About Nosema 01:00:00
Bee Stings 00:30:00
The Processing of Honey 01:00:00
Equipment used for Honey Processing 00:30:00
Worm Farming
Composting 00:30:00
Worms You Should Need to Produce Worms 00:15:00
Worm Farming Design 00:30:00
Vermicomposting 00:30:00
Small And Large Scale Worm Farms 00:15:00
How The Worm Population Is Controlled 00:15:00
Other Things You Can Do With Compost 00:15:00
Starting A Worm Farm Business 00:15:00
How To Be Successful With Your Worm Farm 00:15:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Farming Management Course 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Farming Management Course 00:20:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Farming Management Course

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Farming Management Course Take This Course

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