Forensic Science and Criminology Diploma

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Criminology and Forensic Science is a branch of science which completely deals with crimes, their investigations, and prevention. Forensic scientist and criminologists work together to guard citizens against criminal activities. Forensic science and criminology have emerged as a challenging career option in the current social scenario. The Forensic Science and Criminology Diploma will allow you to enter in the field of Crime investigation. You will develop your study skills, and study units in Forensics and Criminology such as Criminal Investigation & the Criminal Justice System, Environmental Forensics, Forensic Investigation procedures and Careers within Forensic Science & Criminology. You will have the chance to develop your employability skills as well as problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills, as well as improving your ability to review your performance and develop your education and skills.

Who is this course for?

Forensic Science and Criminology Diploma is suitable for anyone who wants to gain extensive knowledge, potential experience and professional skills in the related field. This course is CPD accredited, so you don’t have to worry about the quality.


Our Forensic Science and Criminology Diploma is open to all from all academic backgrounds, and there are no specific requirements to attend this course. It is compatible and accessible from any device including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Tablets etc.

Career path

This course opens a new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also allows you to acquire extensive knowledge along with the required skills to become successful. You will be able to add our qualification to your CV/resume, which will help you to stand out in the competitive job industry.

Course Curriculum

Introduction: About the Course and the Tutor FREE 00:03:00
History of development of Forensic Psychology 00:06:00
Research Methods in Forensic Psychology
Research Design and Methodology 00:12:00
Critical evaluation of psychological research 00:09:00
Introduction to Criminology 00:05:00
Classification of Crimes 00:10:00
Understanding Crime 00:13:00
Different Types of Crime 00:40:00
Theories of Offending
Introduction to theories of offending 00:06:00
Theories of sexual offending 00:08:00
Theories of violent offending 00:08:00
Theories of fire-setting behaviour 00:08:00
Personal Attributes of Offenders
Personal characteristics of offenders 00:06:00
Personality disordered offenders 00:06:00
Psychopathic offenders 00:07:00
Mental Illness and offending 00:07:00
Forensic Psychology in Police Investigations
An Introduction to Offender Profiling 00:05:00
Approaches to Offender Profiling 00:05:00
The Effectiveness of Offender Profiling 00:06:00
Forensic Psychology in the Courtroom
Eye-witness testimony 00:07:00
Expert witness testimony 00:04:00
Attitudes towards victims 00:06:00
Forensic Psychology in Practice
’What works’ literature in reducing re-offending 00:06:00
Interventions to reduce risk of re-offending 00:07:00
Incident management (Crisis Negotiation) 00:08:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Forensic Science and Criminology Diploma 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Forensic Science and Criminology Diploma 00:20:00

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