Mindfulness Diploma

4.9( 7 REVIEWS )

Mindfulness Diploma

4.9( 7 REVIEWS )


Mindfulness Diploma Take This Course


Practise mindfulness for a calmer and more focused mind by taking this Mindfulness Diploma course. In this Mindfulness Diploma Course, you’ll learn the art of saying no mindfully for happiness and better decisions.

Saying no can be difficult and uncomfortable, but knowing how to tell it properly can make it much more manageable. Through this Mindfulness Diploma course, you’ll determine how saying no brings peace and harmony to your life. This comprehensive training will introduce you to the specific things to say no to. Our expert training will also teach you how to say no to your loved ones, customers, colleagues, false assumptions and many more. By learning the valuable practices from this course, you’ll be more aware of your senses and feelings and achieve a state of alert.

Please note: Our Mindfulness Diploma course only gives you the theoretical knowledge to excel in this field. This course doesn’t entitle you to practise as a professional in this specific field.

Learning Objectives

    • Understand how and when to say no
    • Find out how to be happy with no
    • Be able to say no to certain things
    • Learn the innovative ways to say no that won’t hamper your relationships
    • Learn how to say no in difficult situations
    • Be able to say no in negotiations
    • Determine when to say no in relationships

Who is this Course for?

This Mindfulness Diploma is ideal for aspiring professionals who wish to gain the relevant skills and knowledge to fast track their careers. It is for those who have little or no knowledge of practising mindfulness or those who are new to the field and want to test their skills and knowledge. There are no entry requirements for this course. However, an eye for detail and a creative mind is essential.

Entry Requirement

    • This course is available to all learners of all academic backgrounds.
    • A good understanding of the English language, numeracy, and ICT are required to attend this course.

CPD Certificate from Course Gate 

At the successful completion of the course, you can obtain your CPD certificate from us. You can order the PDF certificate for £4.99 and the hard copy for £9.99. Also, you can order both PDF and hardcopy certificates for £12.99.

Career Path

On successfully completing the Mindfulness Diploma course, learners can progress to a more advanced program from our course list. Career opportunities in this field include freelancing or working in-house, within a range of professional settings, with the opportunity to earn a high salary. Related professions in this industry include:

    • Mindfulness practitioner
    • Mindfulness teacher
    • Life coach

Course Curriculum

The Why of No - why No matters and why it's hard to say
Why is No Important? 00:07:00
Why is No Difficult? Your Inner Gopher 00:09:00
Why is No Difficult? Six things that Drive you to Say Yes 00:09:00
The What of No - What to say No to, and when to say it
What to do to Challenge your Instincts on No 00:05:00
What to Say No to 00:05:00
Specific things to Say No to 00:05:00
When to Say No 00:08:00
What are your Choices? 00:09:00
When to Say No to Relationships 00:04:00
What does No Mean? 00:04:00
What is Special Time? 00:05:00
The How of No - Here's the meat: how to say NO in lot's of situations
How to be Happy with No 00:07:00
How to Decide Yes or No: Six Tools to Help Make Your Decision 00:10:00
How to Decide Yes or No: Six Ways of Thinking about Any Problem 00:05:00
How to Make No Feel Easier 00:09:00
How to Say No 00:04:00
How to say No to Friends and Loved Ones 00:02:00
How to say No to your Customers 00:03:00
How to say No to False Assumptions 00:06:00
How to say No to Temptation 00:04:00
How to Say No to your Colleagues at Work 00:03:00
How to Get on with it: How to say No to Procrastination 00:08:00
How to say No in Negotiations 00:11:00
More Tips on How to Say No 00:05:00
The What if of No - Oh wait! What if? ...Don't worry; I've got you covered
What if they Resist your No? 00:12:00
What if you want to Say Yes? 00:04:00
Four ‘What if?’ Questions 00:04:00
What if you don’t Follow my Advice? 00:02:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Mindfulness Diploma

Mindfulness Diploma Take This Course

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