Negotiation Skills Certificate

4.7( 12 REVIEWS )

Negotiation Skills Certificate

4.7( 12 REVIEWS )


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Whether you want to close a business deal or sell a house effective negotiation skills can help you seal the deal. This craft can take you a long way in both your personal and professional life. Learn this useful skill set from the comfort of your home with the Negotiation Skills Certificate course. This course will take your skills to the next level in no time.

This course will provide quality training on negotiation. Through the informative and engaging modules, you will get a clear understanding of collaborative negotiation. Then it will provide elaborate lessons on the seven steps of successful negotiation. Next, you will learn how to apply these steps in your home. The course will also teach you tips and tricks to negotiate with different personalities. In addition to this valuable skill set you will also receive a certificate of achievement which will add significant value to your resume. Join now!

Learning Outcomes 

  • Get introduced to the essentials of collaborative negotiation 
  • Learn about the 7 steps of successful negotiation in detail
  • Know how to use these 7 steps in your home 
  • Develop the skills to negotiate with different personality types 
  • Identify the practices you should avoid while negotiating

Who is this Course for?

Anyone who wants to improve their negotiation skills can join the course. The Negotiation Skills Certificate course will equip the learners with excellent negotiation techniques and help them close lucrative deals.

Entry Requirements

  • Individuals from any background can take the course 
  • A good understanding of the English language, numeracy and ICT
  • Any smart device such as a laptop, pc, or smartphone with an internet connection 

CPD Certificate from Course Gate 

After completing the final assignment, you will receive a CPD-accredited certificate. The PDF copy of the certificate will cost you £9. You can order the hard copy for £15, or you can get both the hard copy and PDF certificate for £22.

Career Path

This course will provide the learners with an in-depth understanding of the subject. After completing the course, the learners will develop the skills and knowledge to explore career opportunities in the following fields 

  • Sales Executives
  • Customer Service Executives
  • Project Managers
  • Estate Agent 
  • Contract Specialist

Course Curriculum

Introduction and The Principles of Collaborative Negotiation
Welcome and Course Overview 00:06:00
Why Good Negotiation Practice Leads to Better Relationships 01:03:00
Shameless Book Plug 00:01:00
Millie’s Cookie Story 00:07:00
Exercise 1: Intentions / Objectives for This Programme 00:01:00
Giving Structure to Your Negotiation Strategy
Negotiation is not 00:02:00
Distinguishing Negotiation from -Haggling 00:07:00
The 7 Steps to Negotiation Success 00:06:00
Exercise 2: Giving Structure to your Negotiations 00:01:00
Step One – Preparing Yourself for Collaborative Negotiation
Preparing Yourself and Your WIN Outcomes 00:06:00
Exercise 3: Securing Commitment to Negotiate 00:01:00
The 4 P’s 00:01:00
The Importance of Personality 00:02:00
We, Then Me 00:02:00
Exercise 4: The 4 P’s 00:01:00
Step Two – Preparation - Understanding the Power of Variables
Introduction to Variables 00:04:00
Video Examples of Excellent Creativity in Variables 00:03:00
Exercise 5: Understanding the Power of Variables 00:01:00
Using the WIN Matrix 00:03:00
Exercise 6: Write Your Win Matrix 00:02:00
Step Three – Understanding Your Partner's Point of View
Introduction 00:01:00
Example Story- Maps of the World – Dyl’s Den 00:03:00
Exercise 7: Stepping Into Your Partner’s Shoes 00:01:00
Step Four – Discussing
Introduction- Stating Intentions 00:04:00
Co-Active Listening- Are You Really Listening 00:02:00
The Power of Pause 00:01:00
Exercise 8: Using Open Questions 00:01:00
Exercise 9: Going Above and Beyond Their Wildest Dreams 00:01:00
Exercise 10: Socratic Questioning 00:04:00
Exercise 11: Creating a Discussion Agreement Statement= 00:01:00
Step Five – Proposing
Introduction to the Propose Stage 00:05:00
Exercise 12: Putting Your Proposal into Writing 00:01:00
Step Six – Bargaining
Introduction 00:02:00
Exercise 13: Creating a Bargaining Agreement Statement 00:02:00
The Power of Silence 00:04:00
Exercise 14: Developing Your Time-Out Strategy 00:01:00
Step Seven – Agreeing
Introduction to Bargaining 00:04:00
The Written Columbo 00:02:00
Exercise 15: Drafting an “Agreement In Principle” 00:01:00
Getting Yourself Out of the Way - The Human Operating System
Introduction – The Missing Link 00:04:00
Exercise 16: Noticing Your Thinking 00:02:00
What Does this Mean in Your Negotiations? 00:03:00
Understanding Personality
Why Personality? 00:05:00
Introducing the 4 Colours 00:04:00
Introducing the 8 Aspects 00:04:00
Inspiration v Discipline Driven 00:04:00
Exercise 17: Teddy Bear 00:01:00
Big Picture vs Down to Earth 00:03:00
Exercise 18: Football Club Trip 00:01:00
People Focused vs Outcome Focused 00:02:00
Splash App 00:02:00
Exercise 19: Completing Your Own Assessment 00:01:00
Negotiation with Different ‘Personality Types’ 00:04:00
Using the Seven Steps at Home
Introduction 00:04:00
Avoiding Common Gambits Some Negotiators Use
Nibbling – The Columbo 00:02:00
The Flinch 00:02:00
The Red Herring 00:01:00
Higher Authority 00:02:00
The Reluctant Buyer – Seller 00:01:00
The Best of a Bad Choice 00:01:00
Conclusion – Can You Really Get More by Giving More?
Conclusion & Thank You 00:02:00
Bonus Lecture 00:01:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Negotiation Skills Certificate

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