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Learn the roles and responsibilities of a parapsychologist and how to be a parapsychologist from this Parapsychology.

4.9( 8 REVIEWS )


Parapsychology Take This Course

Course Description

In this world, there are so many things that are beyond explanation. If you are dealing with any paranormal activities or senses, then a parapsychologist can help you to understand them and deal with them wisely. Learn the roles and responsibilities of a parapsychologist and how to be a parapsychologist from this Parapsychology course and take the first step towards being a parapsychologist.

The career of a parapsychologist is unpredictable and challenging. You will learn about various abilities, rare incidents and how to deal with them. You will also understand how the human brain functions in critical situations. This parapsychology course will help you to communicate with people and assist them in handling their emotions and leading a normal life.

After completing the Parapsychology course, you will build up accurate knowledge and skills with proper confidence to enrich yourself. These skills will brighten up your career in the relevant job market. You will receive an e-certificate immediately after completing the Parapsychology course, which will help you find work in the sector and will boost your CV. Enrol in this Parapsychology course from Course Gate if you want to learn more about this skill and become an excellent parapsychologist.

This comprehensive Parapsychology course is developed by industry experts with the utmost care and thorough research. All the topics are broken down into simply digestible bite-sized modules, allowing our students to understand each lesson quickly. Our Parapsychology course is the most effective way to obtain a thorough understanding of this subject.

Please note: Our Parapsychology course only gives you the theoretical knowledge to excel in this field. This course doesn’t entitle you to practise as a professional in this specific field.

Learning Outcome of Parapsychology Course

    • Learn about the fundamentals of parapsychology 
    • Familiarise with various principles and rules of parapsychology 
    • Know the roles and responsibilities of a parapsychologist 
    • Understand how to communicate with your clients 
    • Be able to familiarise with various paranormal activities and understand what they mean 
    • Help people to deal with their emotions and experiences 
    • Be able to differentiate between paranormal activities and hallucinations 
    • Learn how to handle hallucinations 
    • Be able to calm people 
    • Help people with paranormal abilities to live a normal life

Who is this Course for?

The  Parapsychology course is ideal for highly aspiring individuals who wish to enhance their professional skills and train for the job they want! Also, this course is highly beneficial for people who want to have some in-depth knowledge on this topic and keep up to date with the latest information.

Entry Requirements

    • This course is available to all learners of all academic backgrounds.
    • A good understanding of the English language, numeracy and ICT are required to attend this course.

CPD Certificate from Course Gate

At the successful completion of the course, you can obtain your CPD certificate from us. You can order the PDF certificate for £4.99 and the hard copy for £9.99. Also, you can order both PDF and hardcopy certificates for £12.99.

Career path

Upon successful completion of the Parapsychology course, learners will have a good understanding of parapsychology and the required skills to build a career in parapsychology. Some of the relevant career pathways include:

    • Parapsychologists 
    • Counsellors 
    • Psychiatrists 
    • Therapists 
    • Psychologists 
    • Consultants

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Parapsychology and Paranormal
Introduction to Parapsychology and Paranormal 00:13:00
Module 2: Probability and Coincidence
Probability and Coincidence 00:16:00
Module 3: Placebo Effect
Placebo Effect 00:15:00
Module 4: Physical Manifestations and Reactions
Physical Manifestations and Reactions 00:13:00
Module 5: Manifestation on the Conscious & Subconscious Mind
Manifestation on the Conscious & Subconscious Mind 00:16:00
Module 6: Meditation
Meditation 00:17:00
Module 7: Astrology
Astrology 00:12:00
Module 8: The Psychology of Psychic Fraud
The Psychology of Psychic Fraud 00:10:00
Module 9: Investigating Aliens and UFO
Investigating Aliens and UFO 00:19:00
Module 10: The Origin and Legends in Different Cultures
The Origin and Legends in Different Cultures 00:14:00
Module 11: Exploring the Theories
Exploring the Theories 00:22:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

Parapsychology Take This Course

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