Product Management

4.8( 7 REVIEWS )

Product Management

Learn the steps of production and how to manage the production quality and procedures from the Product Management course.

4.8( 7 REVIEWS )


Product Management Take This Course


Maintain the commitments and quality of your work by managing your product properly. Your products define your dedication and hard work before the whole world. Learn the steps of production and how to manage the production quality and procedures from the Product Management course.

This course will teach you the step by step process of production and product management. You will learn the skills and knowledge you need to work in the production sector from this course.

This Product Management course features easy-to-digest modules that break down each topic and ensure all our students receive an unparalleled and thorough learning experience. Our Product Management Course lessons were prepared by experts and feature interactive activities. You’ll learn how you can use various devices effectively from industry experts.

This Product Management Course has been divided into understandable and manageable sections to help you grasp each concept– from the basic to advanced course components. Learn from industry experts today and enhance your skills and knowledge in no time. This Product Management course will increase your possibility to get your desired job and boost your personal growth.

In the Product Management course, we guarantee that you will gain relevant skills and acquire tremendous knowledge on the subject. After completing the Product Management course, the certificate you’ll achieve will help you land the job you want in a related field. Enjoy a pleasant and professional 100% online learning experience. Enrol in our  Product Management course today and take control of your career!

Please note: This course will only provide you with the theoretical knowledge to excel in this field. This Product Management course doesn’t entitle you to practise as a professional in this specific field.

Learning Objectives

    • Learn the principles of product management
    • Understand the types of products and how to monitor their production 
    • Identify the demand of the consumers 
    • Learn about the pricing and packaging methods
    • Grasp the skills to handle emergencies 
    • Be able to understand the importance of product management 
    • Know about the shipment procedures and significant dealings

Who is this Course for?

The Product Management course is ideal for aspiring individuals who wish to enhance their professional skills and train for the job they want! Also, this course is highly beneficial for people who want to have some in-depth knowledge on this topic and keep up to date with the latest information. So, you can enrol in this course if you are:

    • Product Managers 
    • Product Designers 
    • Marketing Executives 
    • Production Engineers 
    • Managing Directors 
    • Manufacturers

Study the Product Management course today and enhance your professional skillset from the comfort of your home!

Entry Requirement

Anyone interested in learning more about this subject should take this Product Management course. This course will help you grasp the basic concepts as well as develop a thorough understanding of the subject.

The course is open to students from any academic background, as there is no prerequisites to enrol on this course. The course materials are accessible from an internet enabled device at anytime of the day.

CPD Certificate from Course Gate

At the successful completion of the course, you can obtain your CPD certificate from us. You can order the PDF certificate for £4.99 and the hard copy for £9.99. Also, you can order both PDF and hardcopy certificates for £12.99.

Career path

The Product Management will help you to enhance your knowledge and skill in this sector. After accomplishing this course, you will enrich and improve yourself and brighten up your career in the relevant job market.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Product Management
Introduction to Product Management 00:19:00
Module 02: Product Classification
Product Classification 00:28:00
Module 03: Developing the Product Plan
Developing the Product Plan 00:24:00
Module 04: New Product Development
New Product Development 00:24:00
Module 05: Levels of a Product and Product Life Cycle
Levels of a Product and Product Life Cycle 00:19:00
Module 06: Product Pricing Strategy
Product Pricing Strategy 00:25:00
Module 07: Product and Brand Portfolio Analysis
Product and Brand Portfolio Analysis 00:30:00
Module 08: Channels Management
Channels Management 00:27:00
Module 09: Basics of Marketing for Products
Basics of Marketing for Products 00:23:00
Module 10: Financial Analysis for Product Management
Financial Analysis for Product Management 00:27:00
Assignment – Product Management 00:00:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Product Management

Product Management Take This Course

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