Selling Skills Masterclass for Sales Consultants

4.9( 6 REVIEWS )

Selling Skills Masterclass for Sales Consultants

4.9( 6 REVIEWS )


Selling Skills Masterclass for Sales Consultants Take This Course


Excellent negotiation skills and sales training are vital in the large, aggressive business industry. In particular, there two are the key to remaining ambitious, encouraging sales and boosting revenue.

This course provides a comprehensive guide to master crucial selling skills, different sales strategies and sales techniques. Additionally, you will gain insight into the attitudes of successful dealmakers and develop a higher capacity by understanding, influencing, and active listening that ultimately leads you to successful negotiations.

Besides, learn to execute proven strategies that you will acquire from this course, improve your personal negotiating habits that convert your opponents into partners and develop your ability to bargain successfully, regardless of the job sectors.

On successful completion, you will be skilled enough to sell anything you want and overcome a wide range of challenges that professionals encounter during negotiations.

Who is the course for?

  • This course is ideal for those wanting to improve their base skills in office administrative tasks
  • This course would be ideal for people who want to start working as a receptionist, office administrator, office manager, administrative assistant or secretary

Entry Requirement:

  • This course is available to all learners, of all academic backgrounds.
  • Learners should be aged 16 or over to undertake the qualification.
  • Good understanding of English language, numeracy and ICT are required to attend this course.

CPD Certificate from Course Gate 

At the successful completion of the course, you can obtain your CPD certificate from us. You can order the PDF certificate for £9 and the hard copy for £15. Also, you can order both PDF and hardcopy certificates for £22.

Career path

This course opens a new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also gives you the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge along with required skills to become successful. You will be able to add our qualification to your CV/resume which will help you to stand out in the competitive job industry.

Course Curriculum

Introduction To The Sales And Negotiation Skills Masterclass
Introduction 00:02:00
Sales Skills Course Overview 00:03:00
Sales Skills Activities To Complete 00:02:00
Prepare The Train Driver - Self Development For The Sales Consultant
The Mind Of A Consultant 00:03:00
Mastering Sales Is Mastering Life Skills 00:03:00
The Continuous Journey 00:02:00
Universal Laws Of Success 00:01:00
The Three Pillars Of Success 00:04:00
Personal Honesty 00:01:00
Diligence 00:02:00
Deferred Gratification 00:04:00
Suppression Of Principle 00:03:00
Emotional Intelligence 00:02:00
Core Principles Of Emotional Intelligence 00:04:00
The Problem Is Internal 00:02:00
The Two Motivational Forces 00:05:00
Product Confidence 00:03:00
Sales Consultant Activities To Complete 00:01:00
Pre-suppositional Sales - Pre-Suppositions And Worldviews
The Train Track – Pre-Suppositional Sales Defined 00:01:00
What Is A Worldview 00:02:00
Why Pre-Suppositions Are Important 00:03:00
Two Modes Of Thinking 00:01:00
Logical Thinking 00:02:00
Emotional Thinking 00:03:00
The Dumb Dog 00:05:00
How We Create Our Values 00:01:00
Examples Of Rational Ideas 00:01:00
Examples Of Emotional Beliefs 00:02:00
Examples Of Values 00:02:00
Rational Or Emotional 00:03:00
Finding Someones Presuppositions 00:03:00
When The Presuppositions Are Not Clear 00:05:00
The Bank Robber Example 00:01:00
Why People Buy 00:05:00
How We Make Buying Decisions 00:03:00
Matching A World View 00:05:00
Testing A Worldview 00:03:00
Test Your Presuppositions 00:04:00
What Is A Buyer Persona 00:04:00
Presuppositional Buyer Persona Exercise 00:04:00
Creating The Persona 00:05:00
Traditional Buyer Personas 00:03:00
Combined Buyer Personas 00:02:00
Journal Activities To Complete 00:01:00
The SMART Process - Learn How To Manage Emotions
SMART Copyright 00:01:00
The SMART Process 00:02:00
Controlling The Room 00:01:00
The Core of SMART 00:03:00
How Negative Emotion Controls Us 00:02:00
How We Take Control 00:03:00
The 5 Steps Of SMART 00:01:00
Seperate 00:01:00
Monitor 00:01:00
Assess 00:02:00
Replace 00:02:00
Trust 00:03:00
SMART In Action 00:03:00
The SMART Sales Call In Full 00:03:00
I Will Never Be Any Good At Sales 00:02:00
The Power Of Self Talk 00:03:00
Using SMART For Self Development 00:01:00
Two Uses Of SMART 00:01:00
Short Term Emotional Management 00:02:00
Long Term Character Development 00:01:00
Experienced Negative Emotional Beliefs 00:03:00
Taught Negative Emotional Beliefs 00:02:00
Internal Negative Emotional Beliefs 00:02:00
Activities To Complete For SMART 00:01:00
The Coaches - Getting Ready For Passengers
Getting Ready For Your Passengers 00:02:00
Know Your Product 00:02:00
Product Strengths And Weaknesses 00:02:00
Knowing Your Competition 00:02:00
Become The Expert 00:05:00
Value Propositions 00:05:00
Activities To Complete Preparing For Your Passengers 00:01:00
The Train Route - Planning Your Sales Route
Planning Your Route 00:04:00
Building Your CRM Flow 00:04:00
Data Analysis 00:04:00
Implementing Your Sales Funnel 00:04:00
Activities To Complete For Your Route 00:01:00
Selling Tickets - Understanding How Prospecting Works
Prospecting The Three Rules 00:05:00
Qualifying Prospects 00:03:00
Identifying The Contacts Role 00:02:00
Dealing With The Gatekeeper 00:03:00
Dealing With Influencers 00:04:00
Dealing With Champions 00:03:00
Dealing With Decision Makers 00:02:00
Contact Identification Exercise 00:02:00
Prospecting Secrets 00:07:00
Getting Entrance Into The Castle 00:03:00
Activities To Complete For Dealing With Prospecting 00:01:00
Prospecting By Networking
Prospecting By Networking 00:02:00
Classification Of Networks 00:06:00
Door To Door Sales 00:06:00
Door To Door Conversation Methods 00:04:00
Getting The Most Out Of Your Networking 00:03:00
The Elevator Pitch 00:05:00
Activities To Complete For An Elevator Pitch 00:01:00
Prospecting By Phone
Finding Prospects By Phone 00:04:00
Planning Your Phone Calls 00:04:00
Split Testing Your Scripts 00:05:00
Dealing With The Gatekeeper Script 00:06:00
Dealing With The Influencer Script 00:05:00
Dealing With The Champions Script 00:04:00
Dealing With Decision Makers Script 00:04:00
Other Call Support Material 00:06:00
Voicemail Techniques 00:09:00
Activities To Complete For Prospecting By Phone 00:01:00
Online Prospecting
The Power Of Online Prospecting 00:02:00
Online Prospecting Tools 00:09:00
Email Statistics 00:01:00
Understanding Spam 00:01:00
Permission Based Email Marketing 00:02:00
Places To Get Their Email Addresses From 00:02:00
Email Writing Tips 00:03:00
AIDA Copywriting 00:05:00
A Sample Email Using AIDA 00:05:00
Activities Create Your Own Email Using AIDA 00:01:00
Making Friends - Friendliness And Personality Types
Making Friends 00:03:00
Ten Rules Of Friendliness 00:06:00
Ten Rules Of Friendliness Continued 00:07:00
Recommended Reading 00:01:00
Personality Types 00:04:00
Meet The Blues 00:03:00
Meet The Reds 00:03:00
Meet The Greens 00:03:00
Meet The Yellows 00:02:00
Advanced Profiling 00:08:00
Profiling Bob 00:05:00
Activities To Complete On Friendliness 00:01:00
Body Language - How To Read Your Prospect
Reading The Body 00:04:00
Social Spaces 00:06:00
Distance Can Change 00:02:00
Three Classes Of Body Language 00:01:00
Aggressive Body Language 00:03:00
Defensive Body Language 00:03:00
Friendly Body Language 00:03:00
Ten Body Language Patterns 00:01:00
The Crossing Pattern 00:03:00
The Expanding Pattern 00:02:00
The Defensive Moving Away Pattern 00:02:00
The Moving Towards Pattern 00:03:00
The Opening Pattern 00:01:00
Preening Pattern 00:03:00
Repeating Pattern 00:02:00
Shaping Pattern 00:02:00
Striking Patterns 00:03:00
The Touching Pattern 00:05:00
Ten Core Patterns Exercise 00:01:00
Personality Type Body Language 00:03:00
Micro Expressions 00:01:00
Seven Common Micro Expressions 00:05:00
Your Body Language The Importance Of Control 00:03:00
Tracking Their Body Language 00:01:00
What Are They Responding To The Three Factors 00:03:00
Moving Them Through The Sale 00:01:00
Body Language Flow 00:05:00
Dealing With More Than One Person 00:01:00
Activities To Complete Body Language 00:01:00
Listening Station - Questioning And Listening
The Art Of Questioning And Listening 00:01:00
How To Show You Are Listening 00:02:00
Product Based Sales 00:02:00
Needs Based Sales 00:02:00
Needs Analysis Funnel 00:01:00
The Needs Analysis Stages 00:03:00
The Two Types Of Questions 00:01:00
Open Questions 00:04:00
Closed Questions 00:04:00
The Quick Sale Mobile Example 00:02:00
The Quick Sale Training Session Example 00:03:00
The Quick Sale Exercise 00:03:00
The Three Simple Question Technique 00:04:00
The Echo Technique 00:02:00
The 5 Ws 00:03:00
Washing Machine Retail Sale Example 00:03:00
The Five Whys 00:01:00
The Five Whys – George 00:01:00
The Five Whys – Sally 00:02:00
The Five Whys – Terry 00:02:00
Why You Do Not Own A Yacht 00:01:00
Additional Tools 00:01:00
Needs Analysis Mind Map 00:01:00
Needs Analysis Sheet 00:03:00
Questioning And Listening Activities 00:01:00
Negotiation Station - How To Negotiate Successfully
The Negotiation Station 00:02:00
Core Principles Of Negotiation 00:01:00
Focusing On Them 00:02:00
Everyone Has To Win 00:04:00
Matching Values 00:03:00
The Path Of Least Resistance 00:02:00
Shifting The Weight 00:06:00
The Persuasion Secret 00:01:00
How To Persuade Someone 00:01:00
The Electric Car 00:02:00
The Fashionable Trainers 00:02:00
Competency Levels 00:03:00
Assessing Competency Levels 00:04:00
Features Benefits And Values 00:02:00
The Christmas Tree Negotiation 00:04:00
B2B Value Propositions 00:03:00
Deepening The Value 00:02:00
Over Decorating The Tree 00:03:00
The Big 12 00:01:00
Authority 00:04:00
Social Proof 00:03:00
Group Identity 00:02:00
Deflecting Fault 00:02:00
Ask For Advice 00:02:00
Compliment Their Negotiations 00:02:00
Reciprocity 00:02:00
Scarcity 00:02:00
Off Set Values 00:02:00
Stepped Commitments 00:02:00
Fear And Hope 00:02:00
Ranked Priorities 00:07:00
Negotiating A Price 00:01:00
The Market Price 00:02:00
The Anchor Price 00:02:00
The Walk Away Price 00:02:00
The First Offer 00:03:00
The Counter Offer 00:04:00
Activities To Complete Negotiation Skills 00:01:00
Objection Handling - How To Handle Objections To The Sale
Handling Objections 00:02:00
The Golden Rule To Handling Objections 00:01:00
Why Objections Happen 00:03:00
Objection Tags – Tagging Objections 00:01:00
Objection Types 00:03:00
Objection Class 00:04:00
Objection Source 00:02:00
The Objection Clarification Process 00:01:00
The Onion Technique – Peeling Back The Objections 00:01:00
Testing The Objection Type 00:03:00
Classify The Objection 00:01:00
Test The Objection Source 00:01:00
Summarise The Objection 00:01:00
The Objection In Full 00:01:00
Acknowledge The Objection 00:03:00
Acknowledgement Examples 00:01:00
Emotional Objections 00:04:00
Feel Statements 00:01:00
Felt Statements 00:01:00
Found Statements 00:01:00
Feel Felt Found Example 00:03:00
Rational Objection Guidelines 00:01:00
Responding To Rational Objections 00:01:00
Sharing Data And Information 00:01:00
Data Sharing Techniques 00:03:00
Using The Right Techniques 00:01:00
Valid Objections 00:02:00
How To Handle Class Objections 00:01:00
Authority Objections 00:03:00
Types Of Relationship Objections 00:01:00
Existing Relationship Objections 00:01:00
Third Party Relationship Objections 00:02:00
No Relationship Objections 00:02:00
Knowledge Objections 00:02:00
Convenience Objections 00:02:00
Price Objections 00:03:00
Objection Handling Sheets 00:02:00
Removing The Objection 00:03:00
Dealing With Difficult People 00:01:00
Dealing With Difficult People – Use SMART 00:00:00
Grow Some Thick Skin 00:03:00
The Mountaintop Example 00:02:00
Finding Common Ground 00:04:00
Focus On The Issue 00:02:00
A Soft Answer 00:02:00
Stress Fractures 00:02:00
Be Their Only Friend 00:02:00
Types Of Character Traits 00:01:00
The Demander 00:02:00
The Detractor 00:02:00
The Dynamite 00:02:00
The Dumper 00:02:00
The Drainer 00:02:00
The Disappointer 00:02:00
The Dictator 00:02:00
Handling Objections Before The Meeting 00:02:00
Reducing Objections 00:03:00
Setting Up An FAQ Page 00:02:00
Objection Handling Activities To Complete 00:01:00
Closing The Sale
Destination Station Closing The Sale 00:01:00
Understanding Closes 00:04:00
Understanding Buying Signals 00:06:00
Closing Questions 00:04:00
Activities To Complete Closing The Sale 00:01:00
Selling Season Tickets
Season Tickets The Biggest Source Of Revenue 00:01:00
Understanding Season Tickets 00:04:00
First Class Passengers – After Sales Care 00:05:00
The Revolution – Practising The Principles 00:01:00
Thank You – Get In Touch 00:01:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Selling Skills Masterclass for Sales Consultants

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Selling Skills Masterclass for Sales Consultants Take This Course

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