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Medical Billing and Coding Online Diploma New Take This Course

Course Description

Do you want to be a part of stable medical billing-related jobs? Are you confident enough to learn various codes and processes to become a medical coder? Well, our medical billing and coding course will boost your capability to gain a solid understanding of the basics of medical billing. Adding to that, the average salary of £28,500 per year and the rising demand for medical coding and billing jobs in the UK make this course a lucrative one to start your career journey. 

This multi-module course begins with talking about the fundamentals for those who are interested in pursuing a career as a medical coder. Plus, you will learn about the different challenges related to medical coding in the course. Without mastery over healthcare codes, it’s pretty impossible to pursue excellence in the clinical coding field. Thus, in this online diploma course, you will learn about versatile clinical documentation vocabulary & critical terms. In addition to that, you will gain in-depth ideas about CPT coding, which will help you to ensure precise billing. Moreover, you will become familiar with HCPCS code, ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM Codes. 

Furthermore, the medical billing and coding course will teach you healthcare terminology and human anatomy for a better understanding of the medical billing-related task. This course also highlights topics like electronic vs paper coding, coding for anaesthesia services, and OB/GYN coding essentials. As you get close to the end of the course, you will acquire a profound understanding of the insurance claim process in this sector. With successful completion of the course, you will get an accredited certificate. 

Enrol in the Medical Billing And Coding Online Diploma course to take your first step towards becoming a medical billing specialist.

Learning Outcome of Medical Coding and Billing Diploma

    • Acquire the knowledge to understand medical terminology & codes
    • Learn about the fundamentals of medical coding basics
    • Become familiar with CPT coding and how to use CPT codes
    • Gain expertise in versatile regulations like HCPCS, ICD-9-CM, and ICD-10-CM Codes
    • In-depth understanding of medical billings
    • Learn the difference between electronics and paper coding methods
    • Grasp clear ideas about the professional requirements to become a medical coder and the challenges


    • Basic academic knowledge
    • Fast internet connection with Smartphone/Laptop/PC
    • Passionate about medical billing & coding

Why should I take this Course?

    • 24/7 dedicated support
    • Affordable price range
    • Top-notch course materials
    • Gain in-depth knowledge of medical billing and coding
    • Make your resume more valuable with the skills
    • Unlock opportunities for yourself in the relevant sector

Career path

    • Medical Coder
    • Billing Specialist
    • Health Information Technician
    • Coding Auditor
    • Medical Records Coordinator
    • Medical Office Manager

Medical Billing and Coding Course FAQs

What is medical billing and coding salary?

The average salary of a medical billing and coding professional is £28,500 per year in the UK. While in the entry position, the pay is £23,600, experienced professionals in this field can earn up to £43,600 per year.

How to get medical billing and coding certification?

By joining any online or offline course in any reputed institution, you can get a medical billing and coding certification. There are plenty of e-learning platforms that offer CPD certification.

How to get medical billing and coding training?

You can get medical billing and coding training both online and offline. It depends on your priority; however, for advanced-level practical courses, it’s best to join practical hands-on training.

How long is a medical billing and coding course?

The length of medical billing and coding training will vary from one institution to another and the type of program you are enrolling in. An online beginner-level course can take 4-to eight weeks, while an advanced-level online course might take six months. If you want to join a certificate program offline, it might take 6-24 months to complete.

How much is a medical billing and coding course?

The cost of the medical billing and coding course will vary from one program to another. For online certificates, the price stays within the range of £20-£200. For an advanced-level medical coding course, the cost would be close to £300-£400. 

Course Curriculum

Medical Coding Basics
Fundamentals of Medical Coding 00:30:00
Education and Training is Required to Become a Medical Coder 00:30:00
Challenging Aspects of Medical Coding 00:30:00
Different Types of Codes 00:30:00
Types of Codes
Medical Coding Vocabulary & Key Terms 00:15:00
ICD-10-CM 00:30:00
USING ICD-10-CM 00:30:00
CPT Coding
Introduction to CPT Coding 00:30:00
Using CPT 00:30:00
CPT Modifiers 00:15:00
Medical Terminology and Codes
Medical Terminology and Human Anatomy 00:15:00
HCPCS Codes 00:15:00
HCPCS Modifiers 00:30:00
ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM Codes 00:30:00
Crosswalking 00:30:00
Convert CPT CODES to ICD-9 Codes for Medical Billing and Coding 00:30:00
Medical Coding Process
The Medical Coding Process 00:30:00
Electronic Vs. Paper Coding 00:15:00
Coding for Anesthesia Services 00:45:00
Integumentary System 01:00:00
 OB/GYN Coding Essentials 00:15:00
Medical Billing and Coding Service
Medical Billing Insurance Claims Process 00:30:00
Basic Knowledge on Billings 00:30:00
Running Your Own Medical Billing and Coding Service 01:00:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00
Training Bundle for Hospitality & Retail

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Medical Billing and Coding Online Diploma New Take This Course

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